Casual Dresses That Simply Never Go Out of Style


When you were younger, it was easier to keep up with fashions. But life is a little more hectic now, and you spend more time tracking down lost pairs of shoes than paying attention to the latest styles and trends. Is lace “in” this year? Are long skirts still trending? Who knows!

That’s why when you get a chance to have a much-coveted “just for mom day,” you’ll want to buy clothes that not only make you feel good but that will still look nice for years to come, no matter what happens on the runways. (Better yet, you’ll want to do said shopping online so you can stay in your PJs during your special day!)

Let’s take a look at some casual dresses that simply never go out of style. Pop a few of these into your closet to wear as a treat.

The Maxi Dress
The full-length skirt of a maxi dress can be an absolute luxury. So what if your legs aren’t beach-ready? A maxi dress lets you enjoy feeling feminine without having to go through all the work to really pull off the look. Do your knees need moisturizing? Probably, but no one has to know! Many maxi dresses have a loose, flowing design that won’t hug your body, so there’s no need to worry about any tummy rolls either. Choose from an endless supply of patterns and colors to find one that speaks to your personality. Then just enjoy the fabric swirling around you on a warm summer day.

The Swing Dress

Swing dresses are another basic style that you just can’t go wrong with. Swing dresses usually have an A line and will often hug the curves from your waist line up, but the fabric of the skirt will billow and flow below your waist. Swing dresses come in all skirt lengths, and one with a simple design and modest neckline will never go out of style. This dress is capable of giving you a professional, a casual and an elegant look with a few small accessory changes to dress it up or down.


The Shift Dress
Shift dresses have straight lines that run the full length of the dress, meaning that this style won’t cling to your curves. It’s a flowy, comfortable dress that flatters any wearer. If you’re tired of wearing jeans all the time and would like to dress up your look, try a shift dress. The design is slimming and you’ll feel confident no matter your body shape.


The Sweater Dress

Take care of your sweater dresses, and they will take care of you for years! Many sweater dresses are body conforming, but for a longer-lasting look, choose a style that is loose. At best, it will remain loose and swishy and fun. At worst, it will edge closer to the body-conforming style of sweater dresses. In both scenarios, you win! A sweater dress often has a short skirt, and if you like you can pair it with skinny jeans or leggings to keep yourself extra warm and modest. Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater in chilly weather?


The Skater Midi Dress
This dress style will save the day when you need to wear something formal or borderline elegant. It is a basic, classic style that can be dressed up or down based on how you wear your hair (an up-do instantly makes this look like a ball gown, whereas wearing your hair down keeps it casual) and the accessories you pair with it. The A-line pleated skirt (which is where the “skater” name comes from, since it mimics the skirts worn by ice skaters) twirls and bounces but does not glue itself to your skin. The skirt also reaches your knees, which is always a good choice for events with a more formal tone. However, it is also casual enough for you to put on and feel like a princess for a day, whether it’s running errands, attending meetings or picking up the kids.

The Body-con Dress

The Body-con Dress
If you’ve reached a certain point in your life and can still pull off the body-conforming look, you probably know that you’re one of a lucky few! Go rock that style in your daily life. If you’re a little hesitant, try a patterned dress or one that uses layers of fabric, like the one below, to soften the overall look. The knee-length skirt also helps give this body-con dress a more grown-up look.

Has motherhood stopped you from getting dressed up as often as you’d like? You don’t need date night as an excuse to put on a dress. Try some of these casual styles for everyday wear! Or, let us know what your favorite styles are in the comments below.

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The article was written by Cathy Habas.