Working Your Core During Pregnancy


Having strong abdominal muscles is important for men and women alike, however it is especially important for women when they become pregnant. If your abdominal muscles are flabby it forces the back muscles to compensate by taking on extra work to support the spine. When you are pregnant and carrying extra weight the lower back is strained even more,so the stronger your abdominals are the easier it will be on your lower back.

10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


Its clear that gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy involves eating a healthy and well-balanced diet so that your baby gets all the nutrients he or she needs to grow in a healthy way.Weight GainIn general, you will need to consume up to 300 more calories a day to meet the needs of your growing baby. Ideally you want to gain about 2 to 4 pounds during your first three …

Pregnancy and Your Skin


For about 15 + years I have religiously been going to see Dayle Breault, the famous Goddess of Skin for my facials. (I say facials, but its so much more then just that.) Her treatments are a whole facial experience like nothing you have ever had before!!!