6 Best Foods to Eat After Baby


Ok, new mommys, listen up! I went from weighing in at about 162 lbs at nine monthspregnant, down toweighingin at 122 lbs as of yesterday. That’s right – I lost 40 lbs of baby weight in 3.5 months (Noella will be four months old in two weeks). I have compiled a list of the 6 Best Foods to Eat After Baby. Whether your goal is to lose weight, produce more breast milk, or just plain get healthy; this list is for you!

How to Handle Hormone Hell During Pregnancy


So many mothers-to-be have told me just how unprepared they were for the emotional side of pregnancy. The physical effects were obvious enough, but apparently not everyone knew that the crazy hormone cocktail the pregnant body is continually swilling can momentarily propel even the most relaxed, jovial mommy-to-be into …

Secrets for Easing Labor Pain


Studies have, for a long time, shown that deep breathing, mental imagery, deep massage or acupressure, and the presence of a constant companion or coach during labor can ease labor pains, making the miracle of birth more, well, enjoyable.

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Best


After my first son was born and put on my bare chest in the hospital, he wiggled down and found my breast just like in the videos on You Tube – just like the lactation consultants told me it happens. It was beautiful and perfect. That’s pretty much where he stayed until we went home […]

Exercises for a Baby Belly


The joy of being a mother is priceless and indescribable. Nothing could ever replace or compare with that feeling of wonder when you know that you have brought life into this world. However, being a new mom presents a huge problem — baby belly. Fortunately, you need not worry. Aside from proper diet management and a belly wrap, you can perform certain exercises to solve your belly problems.