Pregnancy and Your Skin


For about 15 + years I have religiously been going to see Dayle Breault, the famous Goddess of Skin for my facials. (I say facials, but its so much more then just that.) Her treatments are a whole facial experience like nothing you have ever had before!!!

Eating For Quality When Pregnant


There is a common misconception while pregnant, that eating for two means you need to consume more food. While pregnant you only need 250 -300 more calories then you do before you were pregnant. Chances are if you are eating a typical American diet you are getting way over the daily calories needed even without a baby growing inside. Instead of worrying about eating enough food, focus more on its value. Everything you put in your mouth goes right into your babys development, forming the structure from which they will grow. The healthier you eat the better you will feel and the stronger your body will be to support your pregnancy. You can shift your awareness simply asking yourself these two questions: How is this food feeding me? How is this fueling my babys development?

How Important Is It, Really, to Nurse?


This is a guest post by Dr. Laura Nathanson, author of The Portable Pediatrician. Most of the parents I see know full well that breast milk is optimal for babies. But does that really outweigh other factors? What if the mother is returning to work at four, eight, twelve weeks? What if she has inverted nipples or […]