How to Tell If You Are Pregnant While Breastfeeding


While it’s a common misconception that breastfeeding prevents you from getting pregnant again, many new moms end up with two babies close in age because they thought they were protected. The fact is, it’s possible to ovulate while breastfeeding, which means you can conceive if you’re sexually active during your fertile time. Here are some […]

Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Myths and Facts on Which Gender You’re Carrying


Congratulations ? you?re pregnant! So, are you having a boy or a girl? Everywhere you go, you?ll certainly be asked this question. Whether you decide to find out your baby?s gender as early as possible (hey, you may want to get a head start on choosing the right color paint for the nursery), or you decide to let your baby?s gender be a delivery day surprise, there are some facts and myths that can make the guessing game fun until you find out for sure.

Symptoms of Pregnancy If HCG Injection Is Taken


What to know about your symptoms after taking hCG injections during IVF You have been dreaming of this moment since you were a young gal. Meet the perfect guy, enjoy married bliss and eventually it’s time to start a family of your own. You are so excited. You dream about how you will dress your […]

Can I Get Pregnant While Not Ovulating?


All the baby books tell you to have sex when you’re ovulating. That’s the basis of conception. One sperm fertilizing one egg means you’re parents. Following that logic, it makes sense that if you’re not ovulating, you won’t get pregnant. That logic, however, fails to take into account the longevity of sperm and the sometimes fickle nature of a woman’s reproductive cycle.

When Can a Baby Hear in the Womb?


A baby develops the ability to hear sounds at about 18 weeks into the pregnancy, according to The uterus, though snug and warm, is not soundproof. In fact, your baby can hear — and respond to — a wide range of sounds, from those your body makes to sounds outside your womb.

Funny Pregnancy Tips


You’ve been to the doctor, the bookstore, the baby store and are ready to tell the world your big news–you are expecting. While the doctor is full of wise medical information on your condition, there are also a million books to help you along the way. The stores are also packed with advice-giving clerks and fellow mothers-to-be. You may find that what you really need is to discover the lighter, more humorous, side of being pregnant.