List for Packing a Diaper Bag


The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie Ive been designing diaper bags for 12 years, even before I had a child. When I finally had my own baby girl three years ago and I had to use one of my diaper bags for the first time.I panicked! Suddenly I couldnt remember what all those pockets I designed were for!

Moms Need Vacations Too


Goodbye to those spontaneous weekend trips with the girls and hello to bottles, diapers and taking care of the kids. Being a mom is a gift and spending time with your kids is definitely priority number 1. But this new life doesn’t mean the vacations all must end. With Mother’s Day coming up in May, […]

Vacation For One


Warm weather and Easter are on the horizon. This means parents are starting to think about ideas for a fun spring break trip with the kids. The beach? Disney? The local ski slope? But are any of you thinking instead: it would be nice to go on vacation…alone? One mom, Lauren Apfel, recently wrote about […]

Airplanes, Kids and Moms Stuck in the Middle


You see a bedraggled, pinched-face mom struggling to placate small kids in an airport. What’s your immediate reaction? You may have heard the United Airlines horror story of New Jersey mom Elit Kirschenbaum. I’ve known Elit for years. She is a generous, kind, smart, extremely dedicated mom — the kind of woman we all want to […]

5 Tips for Looking Your Best After Airplane Travel


Since many of us will be flying this holiday season, we’ve enlisted the help of Travelocity Senior Editor,  Courtney Scott to share her advice for feeling super fresh while flying. Travel is supposed to be glamorous, right?  Well, I can’t think of anything less glamorous than the feeling you have after eight hours on a plane.  Stiff neck, […]

Getting Your Child to Sleep While on Vacation


Vacation. Its a great time for families to experience new things and have fun adventures, but it can also wreak havoc on a childs sleep routine. Sleeping in a new place is never easy and you can expect that there will be interruptions to the sleeping patterns that your children have become so accustomed to. Knowing this going in – in addition to the tips below – will make for a smoother transition and a better vacation time for all!