How to Decorate a Baby Room


A baby room, or nursery, is a room that will be remembered long after the baby has grown into adulthood. Decorating the nursery is, in one way, planning ahead for how the months and years after birth will be reminisced. Also, the decorations in a nursery will be some of the earliest things a newborn will set eyes upon, and parents rightly want to make those decorations stimulating and pleasant for the child. Decorating a baby room is not difficult, and remembering a few key steps before actually setting the room up can save time later.

How to Decorate Rooms With Arts & Crafts


Whether made by a professional artisan or by your children in school, arts and crafts can make a room stand out. Crafts run the gamut from designs painted on a wall to hand-sewn pillows, from hand-thrown pottery pieces to carefully constructed wall art. Choose to make and decorate with crafts that give your room a modern edge or stick with folksy crafts that give your room a down-home, Americana feel.

How to Decorate a Teen Boy’s Bedroom


A teen’s room gives him a place to study, hang out and do his other hobbies, in addition to the obvious sleeping he does there. If your teenage son lets you near his bedroom, make the decorating process a joint effort. Involving him in the process allows him to express his individuality in the bedroom decor. A decorating plan before you begin the process ensures the decor works well together and stays on budget.

Ideas to Decorate a Cubicle


If you are among millions of people who call a cubicle a workplace, consider yourself lucky. Although, you may see it only as a table with three low walls, a cubicle is your sanctuary and an extension of your home. A cubicle, which usually comes in a bland color of office gray, is a blank canvas, where you can creatively decorate using ideas that will suit your personality and style.

How to Decorate Your Baby’s Room


Decorate your baby’s room with a color scheme or theme that relaxes you and makes you feel content, as your baby will feed off your feelings, especially in the beginning. His room is supposed to a tranquil retreat that makes him feel secure. Keep the main parts of the room, such as the walls and furniture, neutral so they can grow with your child if you don’t want to put time and money into redecorating the room in a couple years.

How to Decorate Walls in a Home

Most people concern themselves with furniture and accessories when decorating a room. However, the walls are a huge part of any room and can greatly alter the look and feel of the room. Decorate the space with color, patterns and texture that add style and character to the room. Change the wall decor in any room at any give time to give the entire room a makeover.

Baby Shower Decorating Idea

Baby shower

Baby showers are supposed to be joyous occasions that give family and friends an opportunity to celebrate a baby who is on her way or has recently arrived. Decorate for the baby shower to set the scene for the festivities and establish a theme and mood. Weave a common color scheme or theme throughout the shower. Use the same colors and designs in your decorations as you did on the invitations.