Pets and Lowering Kids’ Stress


Finally, a parenting topic my own kids will agree I know something about: kids and pets. I live with three children, four cats, and one dog. I’m a lifelong animal lover myself. But the real reason my household includes so many pets: they’re essential to good parenting. There are few moments more validating in the […]

The Truth About Dog and Cat Mouths


There is a strangely widespread and common myth about pet mouths that needs debunking, for your own good. Dog and cat mouths are NOT sterile. Of course not! I had a patient from around here last weekend, an adorable, fluffy, cute, clean Norfolk terrier pup who had been vomiting all night. He was young and […]

Puppy-Proof Your House: Pet Safety Tips For The Holiday Season


A lot of people find the holidays stressful… but have you ever considered that your pet might feel the same way? Imagine you’re only about eight inches tall and roughly 10 pounds. Now imagine that your world is suddenly full of new stuff, like strangely breakable colored balls hung from a giant tree and people you’ve never met before!

My Very, Very Busy Day at Banfield


The following is a guest post by Candace Cameron-Bure in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital. My three kids got a kick out of learning that I would be playing a veterinarian on Netflix’s upcoming “Fuller House,” so to brush up on my vet skills I partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to learn the ropes. The […]

Top 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog


There is nothing quite like a dog – they bring so much joy to everyone around them. But not only that, we can also learn some valuable life lessons from our favorite furry friends. Kid President shared his top 10 life lessons he learned from his dog, Annie. Always be excited to see people you love when […]

Help Care For Animals Injured By Fire


Last week the Butte Fire in Amador and Calaveras counties ravaged my hometown communities. Calaveras took the biggest beating, with many of the 75,000 acres burned and 545 residences/356 outbuildings lost, in that county. County lines have all but diminished however, with families and local businesses from both pulling together to help those impacted by […]

Why Puppy Rearing Is More Difficult Than Raising A Child


So you have done it. You have personally been responsible for keeping a child (or children) alive. That in itself is an amazing feat since just a few years prior you could barely even be held accountable for doing your own laundry. Now your kids are begging and begging (did I mention the constant begging?) […]