Halloween Tricks (for Parents)


As we head into Halloween, I want to offer a few cautions based on 18 Halloweens as a parent. First: Feed your kids dinner BEFORE they go Trick or Treating. This took me five years to learn. Children will not eat peas and chicken after 20 Reese’s peanut butter cups. Second: Please do not limit […]

10 Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating


With Halloween approaching, parents are mindful of how to keep their kids safe on the most ghoulish of nights. As child safety experts, we’re sure a blog about safety on Halloween isn’t surprising, but we promise this wont be a long boring blog Just a short one to give you a few tips to make it a safe and fun evening for all.

Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips


How much fun are Jack o Lanterns? I love visiting the pumpkin patch, picking out just the right one and deciding what funny face it will become. My little sister was the queen of picking the biggest and heaviest pumpkin in the patch and then lugging it back home. But God love her, shes not the most graceful being and there were more than a few bumps and bruises along the way.

Halloween Twiggy Treats: Caramel Apples


After glancing through an old issue of Southern Living, we were inspired by their caramel apples. We decided to let our kids loose in the backyard in search of twigs and this recipe is what we conjured up with some caramel and our imaginations. While your little ones don their costumes, try dressing up some fruit to make these delicious sweet treats for the holiday.