Hanukah Hostess Gifts


Youre going to a Hanukkah party and want to show the hostess how much you appreciate the invitation, but you might find yourself wondering what kind of hostess gift to bring. Here are plenty of ideas – enough that you could use a different one each day of the eight-day-long celebration if necessary. Set the Table

Dreidel Game for Kids


Perhaps the best-known Jewish toy, the dreidel–a spinning top traditionally made of wood–has a place in the homes of Jewish children around the world. Most often played for chocolate coins called “gelt,” or M&Ms for those whose sweet tooth overrules concern for historical accuracy, the dreidel reminds Jews of the Hanukkah story’s miracle of the oil.

How to Light the Menorah With Your Kids


The Chanukah menorah is a candelabrum with nine branches. Jewish families light the menorah each year to celebrate the Festival of Lights, symbolic of the miracle of one day’s worth of lamp oil lasting for eight days. For this reason, the holiday is observed for eight nights. Lighting the menorah each night of Chanukah is one way not only to teach children more about their Jewish heritage and spiritual traditions, but also to promote a sense of belonging that helps families grow closer.

Hanukkah Safety Tips


Hanukkah is a time for celebration with family. Unfortunately, it is also an occasion filled with health and safety risks, which can put a damper on holiday tradition. But despite the extra hazards present at this time of year, following some simple common sense tips can help keep you and your family safe and healthy throughout your Hanukkah festivities.