15 Famous Love Quotes For Your Valentine


Wondering what to write on that Valentine’s Day card for your sweetie? If you’re suffering from a touch of writer’s block, get inspired by reading some beautiful and beloved love quotes. Here are a few of our favorites: 1.”Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery 2. “For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” ~ Rosemonde Gerard

Sugar Mommas’ SWEETHEART Pretzels


These pretzel treats are a perfect activity to get the kids involved. Pretzels and chocolate – I think those are two staples in a kids life, arent they? I could not keep my son away if I tried. Once these treats are assembled and cooled, we put them in cello bags and tied them with a decorative ribbon. My kids cant wait to give their gourmet gifts to teachers, grandparents, and friends.

How to Make Hand-Dipped Chocolate Strawberries


Hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, anniversary present or simply a delicious afternoon snack. Making chocolate-covered strawberries is also a fun afternoon project to do with your children, particularly at the beginning of summer, when strawberries tend to be in season. You can dress up the berries with a drizzle of white or dark chocolate or by marbling different kinds of chocolate together. Ingredients

Valentine’s Day Printables for Your Child’s Lunch


February 14th is the day when we take the time to celebrate our friends and family and show them how much we care. And what better way to share your love with your little one than an extra special Valentine’s day lunch? Here’s how: Special Sandwich Make your child’s favorite sandwich – whether PB & J, turkey and cheese, egg salad – whatever! Then carefully cut it into the shape of a heart. If you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, that’s probably your best bet. Sweet Treat Beverage

Guilt-Free Decadent Triple Chocolate Pie


Its that time of year again – the day when we all scramble to make those extraordinary plans for oursignificant others and for our kids to show just how much we care about them. Valentines Day. And if you’re the type who waits for the last minute, you might be feeling a little bit of stress trying to find the perfect gift or make those wonderful romantic plans.

How to Make a Candy Necklace


OMG, I made my very own candy necklace! Pretty cool huh? You can make these in whatever color you want… mine are pink and purple for Valentine’s Day. Alright let’s start. This is easy, I promise! Ingredients 4 egg whites 1 cup sugar 1/4 cream of tartar (this is a powder in the spice aisle – makes everything shiny, but it’s optional) 1 tsp of flavoring if desired 1 tbs cocoa powder (if you want them to be chocolate flavored) Directions

The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever


They say it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes it can be hard to see past a truly terrible gift. Come February 14th, there’s a ton of pressure on men to get just the right thing for the lucky lady in their life. While they might not be the most creative choices – flowers and chocolates are usually a safe bet (unless your special someone is allergic to flowers and/or chocolate). And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry.

Sugar Mommas’ LOVE Pops


The Sugar Mommas are obsessed with marshmallows. We like marshmallow anything, anytime, anywhere. Spongy, chewy, stretchy deliciousness. Chocolate covered marshmallows are just one step further towards glutton heaven. This treat is simple, quick, and a crowd pleaser. Warning: the LOVE Pops may get eaten before Valentines Day.