How I Learned to Love Valentine’s Day


I have to say, my feelings about Valentines Day are beginning to change. I used to be one of those super anti-Valentines Day people. Like, when people would ask me what my husband and I were doing for Valentines Day, Id scoff and be like, uh, nothing, because its stupid. And it is stupid, actually, on a lot of levels.

When Clean Dishes Are More Romantic Than Roses


Where there is love there is life – GandhiRomance. In the beginning, its about candlelight dinners, walks on the beach, holding hands, flowers, and talking until dawn – you know, the stereotypical ingredients of what happens when two people fall in love.Now fast-forward five or ten years. Mystery and romance are hard to find among the daily chores. Life becomes about organization, not spontaneity. You divvy up who does what and when: dishes, cooking …

Valentine’s Day Gifts With A Twist


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we found some fun gifts to go along with those chocolates and flowers Sugarwish Sugarwish – This is awesome – instead of the traditional chocolates, this company (founded by momtrepreneurs) allows the recipient to choose their own candy! You send your sweetie a virtual ‘Sugarwish’ and then they go to the […]

Homemade Valentine’s Cards for School


Does your child’s classroom exchange valentines? Jessie Jane shares two great ideas for homemade cards that are much cuter than the storebought ones. They’re easy to make, fun to decorate and oh so adorable! Caterpillar Hearts Supplies Construction paper Pencils Glitter paper (available at any craft store) Scissors Markers Googly eyes (optional) Glue stick Hole punch Directions

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Hate Flowers

I spend most of the year pretending to be selfless and non-materialistic, blah blah blah, but if I’m being honest, every once in awhile I want to open up a pretty box and find an awesome present inside.Which leads us to my big Valentine’s Day confession: I get SO bummed out when my significant other gives me flowers. They die in like two days, they’re messy and I’m just not …

Turn Milk Bottles Into A Valentine’s Day “Table Filled With Love”

The following post comes from SetSipServe,a website that showcases home entertainers, chefs, bloggers and style experts and makeseveryday entertaining achievable on every budget.To buy the adorable tableware pictured in the post, visit SetSipServe’s A Table Filled With Love.For all of us who love to entertain, Valentines Day is truly the most fun. Our creativity can run wild with the colors, the candy and the crafts. In this table that …

Think Pink: Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips


LOVE! It radiates in the soul and shines in the eyes! Add a little extra sparkle this Valentine’s Day with hot pink eyes and bright vibrant lips.Try this fast-track makeup look for LOVELY eyes!!1. Apply a hot pink shadow to your entire eyelid (dampen the brush for more intensity.) Pat & press the shadow to create more intense color. Lightly blend a slate color shadow in the crease of the eyelid for more …