Quick Ways to Lose Baby Weight


Many moms return home from the hospital, eager to show off their new bundle of joy and to lose the baby weight that they acquired. While you may have the best baby-weight-loss intentions, the hectic schedules and sleep deprivation associated with being a new mom can make your weight loss efforts seem like a losing battle. With patience and focus, however, you can shed many of those pounds. To lose baby weight rapidly, you must employ a multifaceted approach consisting of diet and exercise.

5 Ways To Lose Your Baby Weight


Many women are concerned with getting rid of the baby weight. The most important thing to remember is that it took a nine month period to gain that much weight and it is not going to miraculously fall off after the birth of your child. If you are like most, you want to know how to lose that post pregnancy weight gain quickly, but keep in mind it is important to be healthy.

The Post-Baby Bedroom Slump


Did you lose your mojo in a big way after becoming a new mom? While doctors say it’s okay to start having sex again around six weeks after having a child, many women report experiencinga decreased sex drive after pregnancy. In fact, some moms don’t feel ready for up to a year. Sound disconcerting? Relax. It’s quite common, and there is a whole host of reasons why this happens.

Ab Exercises After Pregnancy


Women who have gone through a pregnancy often have the same or similar experiences. After giving birth they are not only heavier but their bodies are not of the same shape and size as they were before they were pregnant. Pregnancy and childbirth can be traumatic. A woman’s abdominal muscles will be both stretched and weakened after giving birth, and her body will not automatically restore itself to its original condition. However, a woman can tighten these muscles and slim down the abdominal area with proper exercise.*

Post-Pregnancy Exercise Tips


Being a new mom is a very complicated time, a time when you are dealing with big changes in your life. You are elated for your beautiful new baby, but may also be feeling trapped at home. Plus, you are reorganizing the way you do everything and engaged in a HUGE struggle to get your pre-pregnancy body back

How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight


Even though most of your baby weight seemed to melt off easily after your baby was born, it’s not uncommon to have 10 stubborn pounds still hanging around, despite the fact that you exercise and eat well. If you lost the initial baby weight by cutting your calories and adding exercise, your weight loss may have slowed to a halt because your metabolism has slowed to make up for the loss of calories, according to Dr. Barry Levin in “Fitness Magazine.”

Saggy Skin After Pregnancy

Though you may love your little bundle of joy, you’re certainly not too happy about the little bundle she left around your middle. The skin must stretch during pregnancy to accommodate a growing baby, but your skin isn’t always quick to rebound. Getting rid of the saggy skin of your post-baby belly can prove to be difficult.