Diet Tips for Winter


When hot summer nights turn to fall, more revealing clothing can tempt you to not follow your diet. However, when those winter months are finished, you may find yourself wondering what in the world you were thinking. You can maintain your healthy figure throughout the winter months by following some easy winter diet tips.

Benefits of Stretching


Someone made a very insightful comment to me recently. When I told this person (who is not a fitness pro) that when I added 15 min of hip stretches to my usual evening stretch routine my knee ache went away within a few days. Her comment was wow, youre finally not stretching for no reason.

How These Moms Won Big Bucks for Losing Weight!


“I felt like people treated me differently when I was overweight; they didn’t take me as seriously or respect me,” says Jennie, describing her weight loss transformation. Now she says, “I feel alive. I have my confidence back!” A year ago, Jennie weighed almost 200 pounds — and she needed a change. “I totally hated […]

7 Ways To Work Out While You’re Waiting At The Airport


The holiday season is upon us and besides all of the food temptations that we are presented with, there is also the issue of all the time spent sitting. My advice? Make the most out of every moment while traveling.It will help youburn the calories you need to say “yes” to that extra piece of pie and have the energy you need to keep up with your little ones after all they’ve had their fill of dessert!

The Best Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat


It may seem overwhelming, but you have to get a handle on those love handles while you get a chance. No matter how much fat has collected around your midline, the sooner you get it taken care of, the more you can tackle. The longer you take, the more fat will accumulate, making the job harder and harder. Burn it now; it’s worth it.