5 Minute Ab Blast


This quickie routine will forever erase any thoughts of “I don’t have time to exercise”.  Most of these exercises are Pilates based,  but I just had to throw in a couple planks!  They are the BEST for all-over conditioning.  In 5 minutes you will have hit all of your abdominal muscles- rectus abdominis (the “6 […]

6 Fitness Must-Haves That Will Make You Want To Work Out!


January marks the beginning of a brand new year and it’s also the perfect time to make good on some of those fitness resolutions you’ve been kicking around.Forget the crash diets, the best way to get healthy is by making gradual positive lifestyle changes that you’ll be able to maintain throughout the whole year.And what better way to get excited about getting in shape than with some new cool gadgets …

Diet Tips for Winter


When hot summer nights turn to fall, more revealing clothing can tempt you to not follow your diet. However, when those winter months are finished, you may find yourself wondering what in the world you were thinking. You can maintain your healthy figure throughout the winter months by following some easy winter diet tips.

Benefits of Stretching


Someone made a very insightful comment to me recently. When I told this person (who is not a fitness pro) that when I added 15 min of hip stretches to my usual evening stretch routine my knee ache went away within a few days. Her comment was wow, youre finally not stretching for no reason.