Why Do Toddlers Have Fat Bellies?


With all the worries that come with being a parent, your toddler’s sweet little round belly shouldn’t be one of them. I’m sure you thought that once they were up and walking that they would immediately begin to look like older children, but the truth is, they will maintain that pudgy little belly for just […]

Sleep Training: The Myths and Facts


Sleep training is a hotly debated topic. Advocates and opponents have set up camps on two opposing sides of the sleep training divide with seemingly no middle ground. Proponents of sleep training argue that it does not harm the child and has benefits for the child and family. Opponents say that “cry-it-out” techniques are cruel […]

Why Switch To Store Brand Formula?


The following article was written by Missy Hornick and in partnership with Store Brand Formula. Becoming a mom, whether it’s for the first time or not, and so many things race through our minds. We want nothing more than to give birth to healthy babies who will grow up to be amazing little people who […]

How to Teach a Baby Sign Language


Teaching your baby sign language can increase her communication skills and encourage her to express her needs. The simple movements of sign language can overcome many communication barriers while your baby is developing her speaking skills, and it doesnt take long to teach children how to use sign language for simple requests or expressions.