Night Frights: 10 Ways to Help Kids With Nightmares


What do you do when your little one has scary dreams? There are two issues to examine when trying to help a child who’s suffering from nightmares: What to do during the nightmare, or just after the child awakens from one What to do in the child’s daily life, before and after sleeptime, to help keep the bad dreams away. Another way to say this is: there’s crisis management and then there’s crisis prevention. First, let’s talk about how to manage a child’s nightmare in the moment. 1. First, what NOT to do.

How to Teach Your Kids Empathy


As a psychologist, parents frequently ask me how to cultivate empathy in their children.  Instead of only understanding their own point of view, parents wish for their children to learn how to share, take others’ perspectives, and overall how to value other people’s opinions just as their value their own. Here are five ways to teach empathy […]

Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse


As mothers, we often teach our young children about Stranger Danger and how to deal with the creepy man down the street. We instruct them on how to react to the man in the car who offers them candy or what to say to the person on the other end of the phone asking if their mommy or daddy is home.

Why You Really Shouldn’t Force Your Kids To Say “Sorry”


He just shut me out and that isnt good for the planet. Sienna, 3 years old, upon her brothers refusal to accept her hugMy four-year-old scratches his little sisters face. He knows its wrong. Before he lashes out, he looks at me furtively with a sidelong glance, as if trying to decide what to do.In the blink of my eye, the deed is done. Sienna is crying. I am …

Summer Survival: Sibling Rivalry, Whining, Messes…


Its that time again..summer. Most of us are excited to take a little break from the school routine–waking up early, rushing out to get everyone to school on time, and, worst of all, making sure all of the homework is done. Summer vacation offers a chance for a little bit more relaxation, but it can quickly go from relaxing to reacting if you arent careful.