Helping Teens Change Rape Culture


Thanks to the presidential election, the news lately has been full of women’s stories of unwanted sexual attention from men. In response, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford amassed thousands of voluntary accounts of women’s first experiences with assault and harassment. Most took place when the women were minors, and involved trusted coaches, hairdressers, neighbors and caregivers; […]

Taking on Back Talk


Last week, I reread the family diary I kept faithfully years ago when my first two children were little. The entries stop rather abruptly after my third child entered the picture. For ten years, I haven’t had time to look at these notes. Most amusing: examples of the back talk problem I used to have […]

How To Raise A Teenager Without Losing Your Mind


Most parents do not relish parenting teenagers. Teaching them to drive is terrifying. Catching them drinking – and puking – for the first time is appalling. The horrors of teenage sexuality. The surliness, the lying, the sleeping until 3 pmDealing with teenagers is a grind, a bore, something to be SURVIVED.But I love being a parent to teenagers, as I recently told Michel Martin on NPRs Tell Me More.There was a parenting roundtable …

4 Easy Steps to have The (Sex) Talk with your Kids


Does anyone else think kids today are growing up too fast? Its not that they are growing into responsibilities of adulthood or suddenly learning faster than the rest of us did, but the youth of America is becoming more and more mature as they become more and more overexposed. And while many of you are thinking about our culture teaching children new and exciting curse words or spreading violence, Ive noticed kids today are exposed most in matters concerning sex.