Kids and Smartphones: What Age Is The Right Age?


“What age do you think it’s appropriate for my kids’ to have their own smartphone?” It’s a question I get almost daily from the thousands of parents I talk with throughout this country. I’ll be honest – I hate answering this question. First and foremost, I know that most kids are getting their VERY OWN […]

Three Tips To Help Tame Our Kids Tech


Get this: U.S. teenagers now spend a whopping NINE HOURS A DAY using media. That’s more time than most spend sleeping, learning, or hanging out with us. The nine hours includes watching TV, videos and movies, playing video games, listening to music, and checking social media. New research shows that some 13 year olds check […]

Picture This – Revamping School Photos


School is well underway and school pictures are just around the corner. The good, bad, ugly and awkward. In the digital age of parenthood, are you still buying them? Today’s school photographers offer retouching and retaking options as an attempt to retain your business. But even those extras come under fire. In the age of […]

Insta-perfect Motherhood


I read an article recently about the rise of moms made famous by Instagram. These women have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers in the photo-sharing platform and depict an aesthetically pleasing side of their personal motherhood that Instagram users flock to. (And in some cases, they’re making a great living off of those […]