Best Year of My Life


Last night’s Dancing with the Stars theme – “Best year of their lives” – struck up a great conversation between my husband and me.  We asked each other to define our best year.

As a mom, I quickly went through my birthing inventory, and couldn’t say that one child stuck out as the “BEST” over the others.  The year I met my husband wasn’t a great one because he got me on the wings of a heartbreaking divorce.

I was surprised to find myself stumped and lost in thought trying to pick my best year.  By no means was I lacking memories of good times, in fact there have been so many that it was hard to commit to one special year.

After much discussion, I realized that my time is now.  This year will be the best year of my life.  The power in positivity to be able to own that, feels really good.  The last quarter unquestionably has been the worst time in my life. From cancer, to losing my best friend and some other tragic events in between, pretty much rocked my world.  But what it also did was give me hope for better days.  I know that in challenge I grow.  During that time, I never lost my faith and I remained grateful for all my blessings, which helped balance out the tough times.

So this will be it for me, I will make 2013 the best year of my life.  David and I sat down over the weekend to connect and set our goals for this year.  Spring is a great time to do that – a fresh season that brings new energy to many things.

We’re buried in the process of building a new home right now which is the beginning of a very special part of our family.  We’re pouring so much energy into it, and it often consumes us. But setting life goals helps keep us on track. It has a way of shifting our daily stress and motivating us in a good way.  We wrote out a relationship commitment, or as I like to call it our “love mantra,” and it hangs in a special place so we can read it often.  That was a great relationship tip we learned many years ago and it’s a beautiful commitment to make to your partner to honor each other with love and stay accountable.

We’re making a vision board with specific pictures to remind us of our dreams. We find pictures of how we imagine our home to be one day, a luxurious dream vacation that we intend to take, we write dreams for our children, wishes of love, peace, success, happiness and harmony are a major focus.

A vision board is an open playing field to imagine everything your life could be and it’s a great place to start. Its more than a bucket list, it’s a visual intention.  Cut out pictures, quotes, words, destinations, and images that inspire you.

I loved this week’s DWTS theme.  I shed some tears watching the stars perform, but I also was inspired in a beautiful way.  What was the best year of your life?  How about now?

My son loves to find wishing flowers, and he always asks, “Can I pick this Mommy?”  I say, “Yes and make a HUGE wish and blow your hardest so it may come true.”



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