Bringing Sexy Back into Your Bedroom


Maintaining a prosperous relationship and a love life isn’t always an easy task.

Starting a family showers new parents with bliss and great expectations, but it can easily take a toll on both physical and emotional energy.

Who can think of a sensual adventure, while losing sleep constantly? The key to a balanced, positive and sexy relationship derives from the basic understanding that change is welcomed.

Trying to maintain “static dynamics” in a long-term relationship, especially postpartum, can be very difficult. New parents should embrace the situation by accepting new positions, roles and responsibilities, not only towards their beautiful newborn but towards each other – as a couple, as lovers and as friends.

Regain a positive body image, self love and sexuality with these “sensual mommy” tips:

  • Your sexual bliss isn’t hidden in your genitals: Your body is full of nerve endings just waiting to be aroused and sexual peaks can easily emerge from unexpected areas and stimulations. It isn’t foreplay, it’s THE GAME!


  • Feeling less comfortable getting undressed in front of your partner? Don’t be discouraged, you are BEAUTIFUL. Your curvaceous post-birth figure should be admired but until you feel more at ease, try a little “game of senses” with your partner. Blindfolding him might produce an exciting result: when one sense is lessened, other senses intensify in order to compensate – touch, smell and taste your way into sensual heaven!


  • Vaginal dryness is a common phenomenon that might hinder your sexual ability, post-childbearing. Make sure to have water=based lubrications handy prior to any sexual encounter.


  • Release any negative feelings prior to your sexual activity. Feeling upset, guilty or preoccupied will most definitely harm your chances of reaching a good, breath-taking climax. Let’s make it clear: fantasizing about someone else isn’t cheating and getting some assistance from your praiseworthy imagination is always welcome. Enjoy, relax and surrender to the feeling…


  • Self-pleasuring is a great way to expand and push your limits, without being embarrassed or judged. 


  • Damsel in distress? Protecting you makes him feel manly! It doesn’t mean that you should fake helplessness, but exposing him to your vulnerability will bring him closer as it reveals his basic need to take care of you! Supply opportunities for him to take charge and don’t forget showing your sexy gratitude right after…thus creating your own, homemade Superman.


How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship? 



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