Trendy Diaper Bag Options


Remember those bulky, unsightly diaper bags our moms used to carry? Well, designers have heard your prayers and answered them with a new wave of bags that have all the function of a traditional bag without sacrificing the fashion.

The latest trend is the “disguised” diaper bag, which blends in to look like a normal handbag or purse.

Dapperbag’s whole line is comprised of leather bags that look nothing like diaper bags but have everything you’d want in a more conventional baby bag. ( is running a couple of dapperbag options on April 26!)  

Mom doesn’t have to carry the baby pink tote with polka dots or baby animals on it – unless she wants to of course!

Diaper bags come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a couple that you should be on the look out for. Those that can be converted into either a shoulder bag/tote or a backpack are great options.

Mommy On The Go Diaper Bags, for example, come in a square shape with a little pocket in front that you can zip off to turn it into its own small cross-body bag. That’s the perfect style for mom when she’s running into the store and doesn’t need her whole diaper bag. It fits her credit cards, keys, phone and more. On top of that, the bag also has a long shoulder strap, two backpack straps and a changing pad that folds into a clutch in a fabric matching the bag. (Crazy cool, huh?)

When you’re hunting for the right diaper bag, keep in mind that it should come with a changing pad and ideally, the insulated bottle bag/pocket. This keeps a bottle cold typically up to 4 hours, and can be great when you’re going out and know your baby is going to need a bottle. Happy shopping!

Erin Acosta has been with zulily for 2 years and has been a diaper bag buyer since October, but was working on diaper bags since last July. She has a degree in French and loves to read, and listen to music.



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