Fall Makeup Forecast


As we move into fall, make an effort to bring the beauty of the season into your lives. Take some nice brisk walks (good for the body, mind and spirit.) Cook some fall foods and enjoy the delicious smells and fruits of autumn with your family and friends. 

As the leaves start to change color, your makeup shades should change as well. Here are some tips to help you create an updated look that will flatter your fall wardrobe, new hairdo or that comfy go-to-outfit. 

But just because you try a new look doesn’t mean you need all new cosmetics! Before you run out to the store, take a look in your makeup stash. I bet you have many of these must-have items right there in front of you.


Think smoky metallic shades in bronze or gold. Jewel-toned shadows look smashing, especially emerald green, blues, purples and sapphire. Try colored eyeliners in gold, green, blue and amethyst. Or make a statement with heavy black liner or use a black or dark brown shadow as liner for a smudgier look (apply with an angled liner brush).

For a clean updated classic look:

Choose a sand-colored eye shadow. Sweep color all over the eyelid and line the top lid with eyeliner pencil of your choice. You can create a more dramatic brow by filling in the sparse parts of your browline with a brow pencil or brow shadow one shade darker than your natural brow. Blend in color by brushing lightly with a brow brush.

Tip – The eyes have it!

Add some false lashes, but just on the ends of the lashes. They are easier to apply than a full lash. And of course, mascara always goes a long way. Go a little heavier than usual and apply a light coat on the bottom lashes as well as the top.

Tip – Tinted brow gels work great to create a fuller brow look!


Classic red lipstick is the must-have color of the season, in either a matte finish or gloss. Try magenta or bordeaux hues for some dramatic flair. If you prefer to use lighter shades, opt for peach colors or pale hues like nude or tan.

Finish the look off with a hint of blush and a sleek ponytail or not-so-tailored bun. Pulling back your hair will highlight a pretty face. Remember there are no rules. Try something new and different. And as always, have fun creating your look.

Wishing you all a beautiful season!



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