Gail O’Grady in 5 Minutes or Less!


Gail O’Grady is best known for her roles as Donna Abandando on NYPD Blue and as Helen Pryor on American Dreams. A mother of one in real life, she is currently a series regular as the main chracter’s mom on the cheerleader series Hellcats. O’Grady has one son, born in 2004, and is loving life with her little guy. ModernMom connected with Gail recently, and she gave us a 5 minute rundown on her life recently…

What’s been your favorite project and why?
American Dreams–I loved the cast and crew on that show. I looked forward each week to see what stories and subjects we would be experiencing. We were all proud to be working on that show.

Tell us about working on "Hellcats".
Hellcats is alot of fun! I love the strong female roles on the show.

How do you balance your busy career and mommyhood?
I pick shows with large casts. This allows me to balance career and still be a full time mom.

Your parenting style in one word:

How has motherhood changed your life?
I am a parent first, than a friend to my son. I know at times this makes me the bad guy. Motherhood has changed every aspect of my life. Putting another person’s needs and wants before your own really puts life in perspective.

Best parenting advice you’ve received:
Listen, be patient, and breathe!

Do you work out or diet?
I don’t have a strict diet or workout plan. I do intend to include that soon.

Do you pamper yourself?
I pamper myself when I can with a good book. I love reading.

Something most people don’t know about you:
I love to cook.

How do you show someone you love them?
I show people I love them as much and as often as I can. If that’s writing them a letter or hugging them or simply telling them I do.



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