Goodbye Winter Dryness, Hello Spring Moisture!


The arrival of warmer weather often translates to new fashions and the unveiling of new wardrobe colors. But do not forget the importance of changing your beauty routine to match the season and to protect you against any weather elements. As you plan your summer vacations, be sure you do not return with one souvenir you may not plan on – sun damaged hair.

To ensure your hair is ready for the seasonal change, I have outlined a few recommendations to help combat winter dryness experienced and take you into spring and summer moisture. These tips will help you combat the two most damaging culprits…chlorine and sun overexposure.

1. Change your hair products. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo during winter months. Profound, Goldwell and Redken all have great moisturizing hair products. You need this added moisturizer for your hair due to the added dryness in the air…both inside and out. You will not need as much moisture once the air conditioning kicks on later in the spring or early summer.

2. Use a frizz eliminator product: A frizz eliminator is great year-round to control all over hair or specific problem areas. In the winter, this product helps reduce static too resulting from heat. For fine hair, only use on the ends as if you use too much or all over, you can result with an oily look. For thicker or curly hair, use 2-3 drops all over to smooth out and control the frizz year-round. Be sure to continue to integrate this product into warmer months for this type of hair. One great frizz eliminator product is CHI’s Silk Infusion.

3. Leave conditioner in longer: When washing your hair, leave your conditioner in for 2-3 minutes for maximum winter benefits and to trap in the much needed moisture during these harsh months.

4. Special conditioning treatment at salon or at home: By applying a treatment such as Loreal’s Power Dose, hair regains a natural, soft and silky feel. This treatment can be applied year-round.

5. Shed the length: Going into spring and summer, shorter styles will emerge from hibernation. Lengths around the shoulder like Jennifer Aniston’s new cut. Big curls featuring lots of movement and big waves will be the style of the season.

Despite seasonal changes and the damage temperatures and weather elements can have on hair, these steps can ensure hair is safe year-round.



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