Bad Fashion!


It’s manic Monday and that means another fun theme week at DWTS. Tonight is all about the 80’s! Just wait till you see my high school-inspired hairdo – it’s a tribute to all the hairspray, frizz and years of inexperience knowing how to tame the fro!

I was laughing with my girlfriends about the styles we wore back then (or should I say, styles we should NOT have worn).

Oh yes – Spandex, white cowboy boots, bandanas tied around my wrists and ankles, even tied around my head with my bangs tucked in… let’s just say you will NEVER see that photo.

Just thinking about fashion, style and dressing age-appropriately reminds me of my own bad moments:

I have shown up at carpool in stilettos, at my kids’ soccer games in full hair and make-up (eyelashes galore). I’ve rushed straight to school events from a set, dressed to the nines. But then again that’s work and not a life choice.

If you saw me on a normal day, my hair would be pulled back and my face clean of makeup, Havaianas on my feet and comfy sweats on my bod.  That’s my favorite look any day!

Moving on to my kids – I like to encourage their individual sense of style, but sometimes letting my 4-year-old dig in her closet can be a bit of a disaster: Pink plastic boots, checkered tights, tutu, t-shirt that doesn’t match and a colorful hat just to top it all off.  The look on her face often seals the deal and I just let her fly her freak flag.

If I let Shaya have his way, he would run around in his Spider Man pajamas all day. I never understood how parents would allow that, until I had four kids of my own and realized I have to pick my battles.

My older girls are another story.  One is a tomboy and could care less about fashion, but my oldest daughter is 11 going on 16.  She sneaks into my closet and constantly asks me when she can wear my 5-inch platform heels. “20!” I say.  Just the visual of her long legs in designer stilettos freaks me out that she’s growing up too fast! I want to keep them young for as long as I can.

Which brings me to Halloween.  I still just can’t get over the trampy kid’s costumes that show up on the schoolyard.  Why do costume designers have to mix slutty with classic fairy tale characters and hang them both in the kid’s section?

This year I am going with a Smurf theme.  I wanted my family to dress up as Fruit of The Loom – for me, a green unitard with purple balloons (grapes) pinned all over, apple seeds and rosy cheeks with a stem hat for Shaya and Rain. David ditched the banana concept and my other girls thought I was totally lame!!!

Of course any idea I have is never cool enough for them, but what else is new?

So the Smurf family it is.  My big girls will do their own thing but no short skirts.  This year I’m going for age appropriate and trying to steer my tweens away from being too sexy too soon. Not like last year’s costume!

Here’s a photo of my 80’s inspired Dancing with the Stars hair:



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