8 Ways to Look Thinner INSTANTLY


Warm weather is on its way! This means getting pretty pedicures to show off in new sandals, trips to the beach with the family, and – horror of horrors – tank tops and shorts! Yes, this is the season when people really start to buckle down with their fitness and health. After all, those extra pounds you hid under big sweaters may have kept you warm in the winter, but now they are just depleting your self-confidence whenever you try on a sleeveless top or cute dress. In the meantime, while you’re hard at work trying to get rid of those excess pounds, here are some tricks that will make you look thinner in an instant!

1. Good Posture

Never underestimate the importance of good posture! Just like your mother always told you. Walk in a room with your back straight and chest out. This will minimize your stomach and show people how confident you are in your own skin!

2. Stay Balanced

Know your body type and dress for it! If you are bottom heavy, then wear tops with broader shoulders or horizontal stripes to look more balanced and visually in sync. Why do you think Kim Kardashian looks so darn sexy all the time? She dresses up her top-half to balance out her bottom-heavy body type.

3. Bold Accessories

Wear accessories that will not only make a statement that you’re fabulous, but will draw attention away from the problem areas. Wearing a bright turquoise necklace, fun scarf, or headband will make people focus on your beautiful face and distract them from the areas you didn’t want to highlight.

4. Wear Heels

Every woman knows the power of heels. They lengthen your legs and lift your booty. Of course, the real key is finding heels that won’t kill your feet! Here are some helpful tips to surviving in heels.

5. Belted Waist

A dress should never make you look like a tent! Belt your waist to emphasize your curves. Most women maintain relatively thin waists despite some weight gain. So, accentuate one of your smallest areas!

6. Avoid Extreme Measures

Don’t attempt to hide those extra lbs. in a too-big top or tuck yourself into something way too tight. Slightly flowy fabrics will hug the curves in all the right places.

7. Branch out of Black

Don’t be fooled. You don’t have to ONLY wear black clothing to look thin – it gets boring and everyone ultimately knows what you’re trying to do. You can wear SOLID, bold colors and still look amazing and thin – as long as the fit works for your body type.


Nothing says “I am sexy and confident” like a big, broad, genuine smile! Work it, girl!



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