Children’s Books And DVD’s That Don’t Make Mommy Cry From Boredom


Are you running out of books to read to your kids, or the only books you have make you dissociate from boredom-induced trauma? Fear not, fair readers. I will introduce you to some books that don’t make you want to pluck out your eyes from sheer boredom. Also, please write in with your suggestions for the 5 and under age group so I can update my list.

1. I Want My Hat Back

This book is pretty funny. You will enjoy reading it and making the voices of all the animals. And then there is death, but it is subtle and humorous. (Spoiler: Someone gets eaten.)

2. Preschool Prep Series: Sight Words Pack (Meet the Sight Words 1-3)

Whenever we get in my hottt 2006 Dodge Caravan we put this awesomeness on for the kids and guess what? They know all their sight words. It’s lazy parenting at its finest. If you do this, the other parents at preschool will be like, “Why does Madison know all her sight words at 3 1/2?” and you can be like, “I teach her every single day. After ballet and before Suzuki violin.” I am actually serious that these DVD’s are like toddler crack. They are quiet and rapt and they are also learning to read. Down side? Zero. #winning!

3. Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales

This DVD is very sweet, narrated by movie stars, and kids love it. The music is great too. You’ll like watching it, for real. Not like other kids TV where you have to sit there on your smartphone or risk neuronal death. And my kids’ preschool has them watch it too, so I know it’s good.

4. The Giving Tree

If you’re not careful, you and your Highly Sensitive Child will cry over this one.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading)

$2.67 and Natalia learned how to read purely to read this book.

6. Don’t Eat the Baby

My preschool thinks this one is funny. The new big brother thinks everyone is serious when they say they want to eat the baby. Good book for new big siblings; also doesn’t make you want to rip out your eyeballs from smarminess.

7.Interrupting Chicken

If you have a little interrupting chicken of your own, as I do, then you will like reading this book.

8. A Visitor for Bear (Bear and Mouse)

If you like making bears talk in British accents, you like expanding your kid’s vocabulary, and you like bears-mouse friendship, this is your book, girlfriend. (Or boyfriend, for the five men in the universe who will read a post about Dr. Psych Mom’s favorite picture books.)

9. Time to Say Bye-Bye

This is good for kids who have difficulty with transitions, which is every single one that I’ve ever encountered.

10. Horton Hears A Who!

This one makes me and Natalia cry. It also teaches you to be a good citizen of the world and to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, no matter how small.

11. The Rainbow Fish

My three year old loves the rainbow fish, and the lessons he teaches about sharing, while not being cheesy or irritating. Bonus: you can make a silly voice for the wise octopus, that sounds like the Godfather with a sinus problem.

12. To the Pool with Mama

A good book about taking kids to the pool. My kids are obsessed with the part where a little girl throws a bucket of water on the protagonist, thus making him distrust women for the rest of his life without remembering exactly where this misogyny originated. Fodder for his therapist. Moving on.

13. Popular Mechanics For Kids – The Complete Series – 72 Episodes -16 DVD Set ( Exclusive)

This teaches your kids about lots of stuff like submarines, electricity, and robots. It is totally anti-princess and pro-science. And it has a pre-teen Elisha Cuthbert hosting it. Awesome for everyone.

14. Sight Words Level 1 (Rock ‘N Learn)

A musical animated extravaganza with catchy tunes that get inside your head and come up at inopportune moments, like when you’re trying to get to sleep before 11:30 for once. Also, the kids love it. They have sight words, phonics sounds, and other educational delights that assuage your guilt at not teaching them this stuff yourself with flashcards or whatever.

Happy reading, watching, and enjoying!

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