Stuck In A Rut? Don’t Be Afraid To Mix It Up!


Say bye-bye to boredom by intuitively changing things up!

Are you getting tired of the same old routine? Is each of your days just like the one before? Do you feel like the walls are closing in?

A certain amount of routine can be comforting and good. But if we stay in the familiar for too long, we stagnate and stop growing. While our Goblin egos might love the idea of keeping everything the same, our soul and higher self long for us to grow.

When you’re stuck in a rut, you might start to feel bored, stuck, lonely, sad, depressed, or hopeless – all signs that your soul is calling to you to do something different. Routine and boredom also shut down your intuition and connection to Spirit. 

One of the quickest ways to get out of a rut is to mix things up. Even if you feel that your entire life needs an overhaul, small steps really do turn into big ones. For example, I have a friend who was very stuck a few years ago. She didn’t like her job, wanted to move to a new city, and was tired of the same old routine. Just to spice things up, she started trying new things like going out to dinner on her own, taking tennis lessons and getting a different haircut. The more she mixed things up, the more confident she was about making big changes. She also became more connected to Spirit and developed the courage to trust her intuition when it was time to make the big decisions. Today she has a new job in a different city, and continues to mix things up!

Another great way to get out of a rut is to focus on service. Often when we’re stuck, we also become focused on ourselves. Well, to put it bluntly, we become self-centered. And then our Goblins have a great big party!  As I’ve mentioned before, your Goblin represents your wounded ego. When you let it run the show, you get stuck in the same frustrating patterns and lose your connection to Spirit. Focusing on others takes you out of your ego “Me Bubble,” ignites your contact with Spirit, and fires up your intuition.

So, whether your job or relationship is no longer stimulating, you’re less than thrilled to get out of bed in the morning, or you just want to strengthen your intuition, it’s time to focus on service and mix things up!


Mix it up – Do something different this week! It could be anything from trying a new food, wearing something you rarely put on, going to the movies alone, taking lessons – whatever you fancy!

Be of service - Find a way to be of service to others. Perhaps volunteer at a shelter, do a walk for charity, or help a friend move. Just find a way to contribute to the world around you!



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