Your Journey Leads You Home



We all go on a journey. The journey leads us back to where we already are. Where we are is where we need to be. Let us slow down, breathe in joy and peace like fresh air.

There is no hurry. That is our mind complicating things. Let go of that. Happiness is right here, right now. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of your smile. Your journey may feel long and deep, but the trail always leads you back home. Home is within. Happiness and peace are within. Ironically it takes letting go to find them. Letting go of stress, anxiety, worry. Simple let go.

You are a miracle right here and now in this space and time. This is always the case. Your joy is forever within you, but you have to let go, have faith and let the flow carry you to find your life spark.

Try not to focus as much on planning tomorrow. Enjoy today! Believe you will end up in the loving space you need to be. Your life is a big -YES!

The miracles are only ever found in today. Please don’t miss the miracles that are waiting for you to notice them. They are here and now!

Gazing deep into the future or past makes it harder to see life’s miracles today. One day at a time is all you need when you find home, joy, and your love within.

It is not complicated. It is love.


Hope your Friday and Weekend are fantastic!



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