“Take 10″ Challenge


Every time you turn around, there’s another bit of technology you have to keep up with.  Keeping up with old friends on Facebook, responding to e-mails, talking on the phone, browsing on Pinterest….


Take ten minutes and spend some quality time with your little ones.

“Take 10” Challenge which focuses on finding ten minutes every day to focus 100% of your energy on playing with your kids.  “Kids grow up way too quickly.  Before we know it, they’re out of diapers, heading to kindergarten and off to college.”

You know it’s true.  The older they get, the harder it is to jump into their lives and get to know them.  Starting when they are young, make it a habit to spend at least ten minutes with each kid.  Individual time with Mom will make them feel important and loved.  You can sit down with them at bedtime and talk to them about their day, or you can take some time during the day to share a fun activity.

We’ve got three simple ideas to get your started:

Go for a Walk

On a nice day, get your kids to walk around the block with you.  If you have little boys, they’re more likely to talk to you about things if they aren’t forced to sit down and face you.  Studies show that intimate communication for men doesn’t involve eye contact or even facing each other.  They’re more open to talking if there’s nothing in front of them to close them off.  If you have little girls, you might have to walk slower because they’ll want to look at you while they jibber jabber about anything and everything.  The point is that in a ten minute walk with your kids, you learn what they enjoy and you get the added benefit of fresh air and mild exercise.

Take Toys Outside

First of all, there is nothing wrong with a little dirt.  So, you track a little in after a good outdoor play… that’s why they make vacuum cleaners.  Take some toy cars outside and play like you’re off-roading and having an adventure.  If you’re having trouble with your imagination, follow your child’s lead.  They know a lot about navigating the treacherous grass and dirt of the back yard.  In ten minutes of playing pretend with some cars in the back yard, you’ll understand more of how your child thinks and sees things.


Take the kids to your local park to shoot hoops!  If you have really little ones, you might invest in a small basketball hoop or simply play a round of PIG instead.  Remember that sports aren’t just for boys and their dads.  Playing basketball with your little girl will help her with her hand eye coordination and give her an idea of whether or not she wants to pursue sports.  This is also helpful for building your children’s spelling abilities later on.  Play different words, making them harder as you play on.  This game probably takes longer than 10 minutes if you and your kids have skills, but does it really matter?

Your kids grow up seemingly overnight and their favorite games and activities change almost daily.  By setting aside some special time to hang with your little ones, you can enjoy their childhood while it lasts.

What are a few things you could do with your kids?



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