DWTS Season 14 Premiere Event


Today is the first show of Season 14 on Dancing With The Stars; our 2-hour live premiere is always the most exciting show for me and most unpredictable for everyone else.

I’ve had incredible sense memory for days before the big event, remembering what I went through when I competed in season 7.  It was an incredible experience for me and to this day, I still value the life lessons I learned from stepping out of my comfort zone, facing my fears and learning to dance.

The new cast already seems to be surprisingly talented.  And can I just say that right now,  it’s one of the hottest groups we’ve seen in a while! The bad boy of the ballroom is back, his brother, the gentleman, the three-time champ, the Irishman, and the controversial choreographer.  I’ll let you fill in the names, but our pro boys are ready and after that Mirror Ball trophy with eye of the tiger.  Our beautiful female pros are paired up with what I’ve heard to be some of the most talented male stars to date, not to mention hot and sexy! Oh yeah, I already said hot….

If everyone can believe that they have prepared as much as physically possible to get ready for tonight, have faith in their bodies, and enjoy the dance, everyone at home is in for a memorable premiere episode.

As for me, I can’t wait to get to know the contestants, see their true colors and share (in what little time we have in the Skybox) their true feelings.  My favorite part of my job is the unexpected moments that live TV guarantees.  Not like the time I forgot my dance in front of 20 million people, but that experience sure gave me the compassion to relate to everything our stars are going through.

I’m moving into my dressing room today. I hope I chose the right colors this season. I will put together my inspiration wall, filled with make-up and hair tears from my favorite magazines.  My gowns will be rolled in on racks, and my stylist will walk in all today’s jewels.  It’s so fun to transform in to a ballroom princess, especially considering the sweating state I’m in now after this morning’s cardio.

I can’t wait for tonight! Wishing all of our couples the best of luck on the dance floor.  See you live on ABC for our two hour Dancing with the Stars premiere event at 8 p.m.



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