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As a ModernMom, it’s practically in the job description to look fresh and gorgeous on a daily basis. In order to achieve a look that screams your name, it’s important to use beauty products you can rely on for their quality and results–items that consistently make you feel like your most beautiful you.

Getting to this point can take years of trial and error, however. Sometimes you’ll test every shampoo on the shelf until you find the perfect bottle that tames your hair from a lion’s mane to a polished coiffure. Eventually every woman ends up with a handful of favorite beauty brands she trusts and loves.  Isn’t it great to have a go-to for every category of beauty enhancement products?

Lucky for readers, the beauty gurus at Allure magazine give their recommendations for the best beauty products every year. These designations, known as Allure’s “Best of Beauty” awards, make it that much easier for us to choose miracle creams and potions for hair, faces, bikini lines, and even armpits (because even classy ladies sweat!). And they all come with the experts’ seal of approval.

With the help of their readers, Allure editors have tested tens of thousands of beauty products over the past ten years. It’s safe to say they’re the authority when it comes to anything from face wash to nail polish to conditioning treatments to body exfoliators. When these women recommend a product, they mean business–and people listen.

Considering this, it’s no small accomplishment that P&G brands like Olay, Pantene, Secret, and Gillette Venus have been given the coveted Best of Beauty Awards more times than any other brands in their respective beauty categories. In fact, they’ve won the award so many times that Allure recently honored the company with the prestigious Best of the Decade award. That deserves a huge congratulations!

Olay products are high-end with quality touches you’ll notice from the first use. However, they’re sold at prices accessible to all women, making it a beauty line worth investing in. In fact, Olay has won more Best of Beauty awards than any other facial moisturizer brand in the past ten years. Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream in particular won the 2010 Readers’ Choice Award in Allure magazine for Best Facial Moisturizer. It’s been tested and proven to lift and firm skin, as well as restore elasticity for a smoother (not to mention more youthful) appearance. Your face is often your first impression–who wouldn’t want to help it look the best it possibly can!

It’s been around for what seems like centuries. When’s the last time you flipped on the TV without seeing a commercial for Pantene hair products? Well, they’re still around for a reason–Pantene has won more Best of Beauty awards in the shampoo and conditioner category over the past decade than any other brand. This well established hair helper offers customized solutions based on your unique hair structure and styling goals, which is how the Pantene Fine Hair Flat to Volume Shampoo won the Best of Beauty award for Best Shampoo in 2010.

As mentioned above, even the most dignified of ladies gets a little sweaty sometimes. Luckily Secret, the number one selling female antiperspirant/deodorant in North America (wow!), can provide some relief for the summer heat. Secret Clinical Strength won the 2010 Best of Beauty award for Best Deodorant because of how it stops sweat — it’s meant for nighttime use, when the body is most receptive to forming a strong barrier against wetness. No wonder Secret has won more Best of Beauty awards than any other antiperspirant/deodorant brands in the past ten years!

Few people can tell you what kind of razor they use without singing the iconic “I’m your Venus, I’m your fire…your desire!” tune. Gillette Venus has won more Best of Beauty awards in the past decade than any other brand. With Venus Embrace, the 2010 Best of Beauty winner for Best Razor, you’ll step out of the shower with the super smooth legs you crave.  The five curve-hugging blades give you the close shave you want, while the moisture strip provides a nick-free glide.

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