My Family’s Spring Training Session


I don’t know about you, but I’m loving spring- I love the air, and I love that it gets everyone outside!

With spring, you also hear about Spring Training.  Spring Training is when baseball teams head to Florida to start practicing, and playing games to get them ready for the MLB season.  With Spring Training wrapping up, and Opening Day just a week away, (April 5th) it got me thinking about how we all could use a little “Spring Training.”

I mean, summer is just around the corner, which means no more hiding behind jeans, sweaters, and scarves. Shorts, sun dresses…and yes even bathing suits are on the menu. I am at the pool all summer, and it gets harder every year to take off my cover up in a way that make me feel good about myself. And it doesn’t hurt the kids either to start thinking about a little “Spring Training”. Keeping kids playing outside keeps them healthy too!

So here are some things me and my family are doing to kick off our Spring Training Session:

We Work Out

Now when I say we, I mean me but I am trying to get my husband to think it’s important to get his “pool body” ready too! All my weight tends to go to my mid-section so that’s my focus, but I also want to keep my arms and legs toned. I wear a lot of sundresses in the summer and it’s essential to have nice arms and legs for that. Starting this week, I’m doing the Jillian Michaels “6 weeks to a Six Pack” workout DVD. The workouts are intense, and I scream at Jillian while I am doing them, but they are 35 minutes which is perfect for a busy mom. It’s a total body work out for not just your abs, but legs, butt and arms!

To get yourself ready for the summer, you need to get the Baboosh Body Exercise Wrap (and no, I am not saying this because of ModernMom and Brooke Burke!). I used the Tauts post-pregnancy wrap long before I started writing for ModernMom and it really made a difference after I had my son Chase. I had eight weeks to get into a bridesmaid dress in my normal size. So, I bought the wrap and started wearing it the day I came home from the hospital. It really works to flatten out your stomach!

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is important for getting the body ready for the summer, and it’s also good for the kids. My son is playing two sports this spring: lacrosse, and baseball. It’s hard to get him to eat his fruits and vegetables, but now more than ever he will be eating lots of bananas, blueberries, broccoli, and carrots (for his eyes to see the ball!!). Now if your kid is like mine and gags at fruits and vegetables, then just put it all in a smoothie!

Spring Cleaning

Getting the house organized for summer is something the whole family can do together. It’s time to bring out the kid’s T-ball sets, bikes, and scooters, and most importantly our deck furniture. You need to have somewhere to sit and have some cocktails with friends on those nice warm nights!

Last year was our first successful year my husband grew a vegetable garden in our backyard. We had tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans that I used to puree for our baby last summer. This year we hope to have the same results, and as I write this blog (outside in the sun!) my husband and son are turning the dirt over preparing for this year’s garden. I guess that is my husband’s work out!


Do you ever go into Target around Valentine’s Day and find only Easter candy? This year, get your sunscreen, bubbles, bathing suits, and pool toys in advance before they start selling back-to-school stuff. And remember – sunscreen is not just for the beach and the pool. Any time the kids are outside sunscreen should be worn by the entire family.

This is such a fun time of year, and Spring Training whether for baseball players or for you and your family is such a great way to get excited for the season. Let me know what Spring Training Activities you are doing with your family!



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