Spice Up Summer with These Five Basics


Summer’s here in full swing as I sit here in the 76 degree weather of my Southern California home. I have two words (sounds?): Woo hoo!

Although this is my favorite season (it doesn’t hurt that my birthday’s in July either!), I’ve looked in my closet each day for the past week or so with a disappointed smirk. I’m not a spoiled, gets-a-new-wardrobe-for-every-season kind of girl, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that there are a few essential basics every woman needs in her wardrobe for the summertime. Whether you go out and splurge or reinvent your old stuff anew, here are my top five style ingredients for the warm months of twenty-eleven:

1. Go long or go home. You have to admit, sometimes plain jean shorts get a little boring. If and when that happens, go for something bold like a long skirt or maxi dress. Not only are they super trendy right now, they’re also flattering for just about any body shape. These classy and modern pieces freshen up a wardrobe and can easily transition from day to night. Try a long hem this summer for effortless style!

2. Miami Vice, 2011 style. Don’t freak out when you read the next two words: white blazer. No longer a thing of the past, a classic white blazer is the perfect summer cover up when you need to be a dash more formal than your typical cut-offs/flip-flops/tank top kind of day. During the day, pair a cropped one with a colorful, flowy shirt and some skinnies, then exchange the under outfit for a black minidress and heels for nighttime. You are good (not to mention hot!) to go!

3. Funky frames. Summer is the time to experiment with cool/weird/50s/classic/retro sunglasses. Since you’ll pretty much be wearing them for three months straight, you’ll need a couple pairs. And when it comes time to pull the trigger on your new shades, don’t be shy! Grab yourself some cateyes, printed Ray Bans, or anything that catches your eye…and the eyes of passers by!

4. OMG, shoes. You saw this one coming, sure. But seriously, you need a cool pair of sandals for the summer. Running around barefoot is fun, yes, but for those of us who have to wear shoes, say, in the office or, like everywhere, we need options! For some, style always trumps comfort, while other girls don’t give a you-know-what about what the shoe looks like as long as it doesn’t make their feet feel like gnarled stumps. Well I say, you can have your cute, comfy shoe and eat it too! Or something like that… What I’m trying to convey is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Good-for-your-feet shoes are getting cuter and cuter these days, so pay attention and invest in a solid pair!

5. Chunky bling. Jewelry is always in style, but this summer try some jewels that overwhelm your neck (not suffocation style, please). Think Anthropologie necklaces, bracelets, and headbands, but (unless you can afford it) don’t think Anthro prices. Layer jewelry you already have to make them bigger and blingier, or shop at discount stores, where you’ll find lots of nice stuff on the cheap. Summer jewelry is so fun because there are no limits!



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