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What on earth is going on with spam titles?

Today’s Inbox:

Free Maid Service!
Looking For a New Mate?
Love Blueberries?

I’m writing back!
Depressed? -Naah, didn’t get much sleep last night because my sons woke up at 11pm and played superheroes, and then my pager went off, and I’m a little whiney. But not really depressed depressed. In a grumpy mood, a little PMSish, but – no – not depressed.

Free Maid Service! – Yep. I’ll take that!

Looking For a New Mate? – Is this a trick question?

Overweight? – Well I didn’t think so, but now you are getting me self-conscious. Thank you so very much for asking me this. Yes, PMSish, my black leggings a little tight today. I have a round face. Buzz off.

Love Blueberries? – Actually, I do! And I know you are writing to me because the stinkers I bought 20 blueberry bushes from when I moved into my house put me on a list and sold it to you. Who gets as much blueberry spam mail as me? No one! I may boycott blueberries. You are annoying me.

Depressed?- Now I am.

XOXO Dr. Jen



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