One-On-One with 11-Year-Old Fashion Prodigy Cecilia Cassini


Cecilia Cassini is about to take over the fashion world. And she’s only 11. That’s right, we might have another Coco Chanel or Donna Karen in our midst. This young fashion mogul has had a passion for clothes since she was a baby. She’s been called "brilliant," "crazy talented" and "a prodigy," by the media and those in the business.  ModernMom got a chance to talk with Cecilia about following her dreams- and we loved what she had to say. 

Do your kids need some inspiration? Share Cecilia’s story with them for a little motivation:

How did you discover your talent for design?

I realized I had “talent” when I designed and sewed my very first skirt when I was six. I just cut the fabric into the shape i thought would look good. It was bright Pink, with elastic on top and I added a pink sequin pocket.


When did your parents realize – “wow”, you have a really special talent?

Well I think they really knew when I started to re purpose the clothes in my closet when I was 4 or 5 years old…and when I asked for a sewing machine for my sixth birthday…but also when other people than a family member started to recognize my talent, I think that reassured them that they were not being overly enthusiastic just because they are my parents!


What advice do you have for parents on motivating their children to follow their dreams?

I would tell parents, “let your kids go for it. Help them to follow their dreams. As long as they aren’t doing something dangerous, make your kids believe that you believe in them! Don’t tell your kids that they are too young or that they have to wait until they grow up to follow their dreams!”


What is the most important thing you tell kids your age?

I think the most important thing I tell kids my age is, “you don’t have to be an adult to follow your dreams!”


How is your life different than other 11 year olds?

Besides having amazing opportunities to do things like attending fashion shows, speaking to kids at schools and meeting celebrities, I am a normal girl. I go to school, play tennis, hang out with my friends, etc.


What inspired you to design the Fashionista Madame Alexander doll?

I have always loved dolls and would dress them in fabulous outfits when I was little. So I thought it would be great for all girls to be able to have a fab “Fashionista” Madame Alexander doll. The doll is dressed in one of my unique dresses and black shiny “the bomb” jacket. She also features my signature hair “puff” and knee high black shiny boots. I know that Madame Alexander dolls are very special and collectible and so I was very excited to design the “Fashionista” doll. Also, the doll is a great way for girls to get inspired and to remember to follow their dreams.


Check out Cecilia’s awe-inspiring designs on her website



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