How to Make Easter Flower Arrangements


Decorating your home for Easter is easy with fresh and colorful spring arrangements. These Easter flower arrangements are ideal to decorate your home for an Easter celebration, or to simply enjoy throughout the spring, making the most of the early blooms of the season.

Integrate your own family traditions into these Easter flower arrangements to make them even more meaningful for your family. You may even be able to collect the materials for this arrangement around your home and yard!

What you’ll neeed:

  • Flowering branch
  • Garden shears
  • Large vase
  • Tulips, daffodils or other spring flowers
  • Dyed or porcelain Easter eggs
  • Fishing line or narrow ribbon
  • Floral foam or a flower frog



Cut several flowering branches approximately two weeks before you want to enjoy your Easter flower arrangements. Use garden shears and cut each branch on a sharp angle. Strip any leaves or buds that will be under the level of the water. Put them into a large vase with warm water. Over the next two weeks, change the water occasionally as needed. Lilacs are ideal, but any flowering branch will create beautiful Easter floral arrangements.

Arrange several of your fully bloomed branches into a vase. If you have large flowering branches, three branches may be adequate for your Easter flower arrangements. For a very large arrangement for an entry or sofa table, use more flowering branches. Use floral foam or a flower frog if needed in the bottom of your vase.

Surround your flowering branches with tulips, daffodils or another fresh spring bloom. Look for heavy flowers that will curve over the edge of your vase for an especially attractive Easter flower arrangement.

Blow out dyed Easter eggs. Carefully thread fishing line into each Easter egg and hang the eggs on your Easter flower arrangement using the flowering branches to support the eggs. You may also use small store-bought Easter decorations in your Easter flower arrangements.

Remove the eggs and ornaments from your Easter flower arrangement after Easter. Continue to enjoy your Easter flower arrangements until the branches and flowers fade.

Happy Easter!




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