Brooke Burke: Happy New Year!


Christmas came and went, not soon enough if I’m speaking the truth. I hate the over-indulgence of the holiday – too many presents, too much food and waaaaay too much to do. Days spent wrapping gifts that quickly become room clutter for the kids, only too soon to become the toy that’s at the bottom of the pile. 

Next year, I’m starting a homemade gift giving tradition so everyone in my family, including the little ones, can get the concept of thoughtfulness. I’m only sounding like a Scrooge because the holidays wore me out this year and I’m still cleaning up the glitter.

Now it’s a brand new year. Strangely, it’s 80 degrees in the ‘Bu and we’ve been laying out, swimming and spending loads of time in the kitchen whipping up favorite meals.  

The best part of the holidays for me is that it brings loved ones together. My guest room has had a revolving door and has only been vacant long enough to change the linens, water the flowers and prep for the next set of friends temporarily bunking in.  We love house guests, good times shared with friends and an excuse to light every candle in the house.  I swear I will have burned though my collection by the time we move out of our winter rental.  

What I love most about the New Year it that it prompts us to think, to reflect, and to change. Yesterday David and I took the kids to the beach.  We sat together to watch the sunset, breathed only positive energy and took a meaningful look back at 2013.