PixiGlow Twitter Party Recap


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Spring is in the air – and what better time to release your inner Tinker Bell then with light, feminine and glowing makeup to fit the season! Create a look to match your mood, with shades that feel whimsical, fun and free. 

To get the scoop on what beauty trends inspire you, we hosted a Twitter Party sponsored by PixiGlow to find out what real moms think about makeup.

From the hottest colors and hues to time-saving tips and tricks, here’s what we learned:

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent your look. What’s your favorite way to introduce a pop of color?

I am a child of the 80’s. Have always loved the Hot Pink! – @martiferg

I work it into my lip color and top w/sparkly gloss or center of my eyes w/ some gold and champagne. Luv it! – @DeniseLuvsKauai

Add a nice purse with bright colors -@tiffany053p

I get a pop of color w/a fresh bright lip gloss – @CouponmomASH

I am trying the Spring trend of bright colored jeans with a leopard print shoe! TOO CUTE! – @kim0302

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What is the one makeup item you can’t leave home without?

Most of the moms were in agreement on this one – pretty much everyone gave the same few responses. Drumroll please… the top answers were mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner.

Busy moms have to squeeze in time for date night or a Girls Night Out. When you’re in a rush, how do you transition your look from day to night?

Darker clothes, a bit of heel and darker dramatic eyes and lips – @KaratewithaZ

I am a ponytail kinda gal, so I like to add a Jersey poof to my pony when going from day to night! -@MrsGoch

Putting on some of that Glitter Spray would help sparkle for night time too – @cin_20

Guess it depends on where the date is .. Not going to wear my heels to the movies! – @dreamfishing

What’s your favorite way to sparkle?

I love a little bronzer! Especially when I don’t have any sunshine!! – ?@mowpow08

Diamonds! My birthstone too – @cin_20

Love wearing sparkly nailpolish…makes me feel glam! – @justicecw

For moms on the go, what are some good tricks for looking great in less time?


First step is remembering to smile even on the days I just have to fake it ;) – @martiferg

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do! -@mowpow08

Fresh and healthy skin is the best way to start off any beauty routine. I love using anything that helps me look iridescent. – @RobynRiggs


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