5 Ways to Stop the Summertime Slide


Now that my oldest has almost completed kindergarten (sniff…sniff, they grow up so fast!), I’m worried that he will forget everything he has learned. My lofty goal for the summer is to keep him learning throughout it.

My plan for my son is to do some type of learning activity every day for 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be technology focused, for me it’s all about keeping the learning going.

Here’s my list of activities for trying to reduce the summertime slide using both technology and non-technology activities:

Technology Based Activities


Storybook Apps – We’ll be using age appropriate storybook apps such as Spatter & Spark or Pandora the Fearless Beribolt. They are interactive, have great stories and the words are simple enough that my son can follow along which will help with his reading comprehension.

Writing Apps – This will be a focus for us during the summer. My son needs to practice his printing. I have been using the apps iWrite Words and Write My Name. My son’s teacher also suggested a stylus which I might get so that he can work on his printing grip.

Online Programs

We’re big fans of IXL for math and reading because it has tons of questions and you can pick what area for your child to focus on. Then you can track progress through the comprehensive reporting system. They use color and pictures that make the site inviting and friendly. My son can navigate through the site and the layout is easy to understand. I love that there are so many skills, organized into categories and I can see us using this all through elementary and middle school.

Console Games

Skylander Giants – Yes, this one might seem unusual; however the kids have to problem solve throughout the game and work together as a team, if two players play together. Now that my youngest is old enough to play my boys are playing collaboratively. (Well, sort of but they have to work it out with words as opposed to just punching each other!) :)

Non-Technology Based Activities


If we go some place special or see something neat, the next day we’ll draw a picture and I will have him write a couple of sentences about it. It’s a good way to reinforce words and letters.


My son loves to do worksheets. Tlsbooks.com is a fantastic free resource with lots of worksheets. The site covers a wide range of ages and grades. Both my kids will be doing lots of these.

Am I being a bit too ambitious with the above? Maybe BUT I have lots of options and different ways to change things up depending on the day and what the weather allows us to do. :)

Now tell me, are you worried about the summertime slide? Leave your comments below or email me at weeboot@gmail.com.



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