Burke-Charvet Update from The ‘BU


My favorite time of year is summer.  There’s something to be said about working hard and playing hard, and knowing how to let go and relax.  The lazy days of summer are the best.

We’re staying with my brother and his family for the next month, pretending to be vacationing at a summer home.  Truth is, we’re still in Malibu, so it’s a stay-cation of sorts, but it truly feels like a Spanish vacation home.  Days are like a kids camp, meals are like an army line-up and nights are BYOB – but in this case it’s bring your own blanket and pick a bed.  It’s crazy chaos, but manageable and so fun.

Here’s a shot of David, Shaya and my nephew making music:

Even Spike is soaking in the summer rays and my dogs are loving life too. Pokey our turtle escaped again but today he returned to our paradise…


It’s a motley crew to say the least and yes, of course I brought along all our animals.

My first thoughts about shacking up together with another family, let alone my brother, were skeptical. But after making the commitment, we all realized how fun it is to be together. We have so much to enjoy in our own backyard – sunshine and good company makes everyone happy. Kids really don’t need much, but they need each other and in our case, the more the merrier.

On the adult front, we’re BBQ-ing, listening to great music and mixing up fruity margaritas.  I totally enjoy time in the kitchen and new summer recipes.  Here are a few crunchy colorful salads that even my kids will eat.

As much as I love healthy cuisine, I’m a sucker for a good BBQ and fresh fruit cocktails.  BBQ wings and beautiful Brazilian girls are the perfect backyard combo…


(Sharing the love with Alessandra)

David and I are enjoying our summer days this week like we did when we first started dating… maybe it’s the change, the sexy summer energy, or just the willingness to shake things up….whatever it is, it’s a recipe for good times and I’m gonna enjoy every moment of it!



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