How to Be Happy


The snow was falling outside. With the wind it felt as though our home was the center of a snow globe. The crystal flakes whirled in every direction.

The fire was glowing, pumping out heat to keep our bodies warm. The television was on quietly in the background tuned into the ever so inspiring Martha Stewart Show. My daughter, in her beautifully adorned collar knit sweater curled up next to me in bed. The window blinds were open wide so that we could see the beautiful winter storm outside, and feel gratitude for the love and warmth we felt inside.

Two girls sitting together reading our magazines, even though technically one not old enough to read. My son sat at the counter in a still concentration mode- creating! He was working hard on a book, pictures and words. Big Brother is in kindergarten learning how to read and write. Seeing the very cute way he sounds out words and tries his best to spell them tickles my heart.

I couldn’t help but think this was heaven, right here, right now. Turning to my daughter pressed up sweetly against me I asked, “Can we always do this?” Read side by side in a winter storm. With a big smile she looked at me and said, “Yes Mama.” Then gave me a little girl kiss. Pure sweetness.

Sometimes I think we have unrealistic expectations of what happiness should look like, that we pass right over the true moment of bliss. The happiest moments are not big and loud. True lasting happiness is quiet, peaceful, with a strong feeling of love that permeates your skin.

You don’t need big things to be happening to feel happy; in fact your happiest moments may be all together ordinary.

Want to know how to be genuinely happy?

See the extraordinary in the ordinary.



With love, peace & happiness



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