Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof Talks Twins, Business & Shoes!


Adrienne Maloof-Nassif is a truly modern woman. She’s a powerhouse businesswoman, philanthropist, designer, reality star (she’s a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills) and most importantly, wife and devoted mom-of-three. Adrienne and her hubby, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, have three young boys: Gavin, Christian and Colin (her two youngest are twins). We were lucky enough to snag an interview with Adrienne to discover just how she manages to keep her life in order (and, of course, to get the skinny on her shoe collection).

Read on to find out how she does it all!

Mompreneur Extraordinaire

Adrienne is co-owner of her family business holdings, which include the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, the WNBA’s Sacramento Monarchs, the Palms Casino and resort in Las Vegas, Maloof Productions, Maloof Music and more. She’s a clothing designer, an expert in marketing and a customer service whiz. Basically, the woman is a business genius.

Her advice to fellow mompreneurs: “Prioritize and organize your life so you can do it all,” she says. “Of course my top priority is my children and family, but I don’t neglect the projects that I’m passionate about. I take pride in my work and I love what I do so I just make sure that I am striking a balance.” She’s also very serious about being involved in her children’s lives. “You will see me at every martial arts lesson or baseball game,” she said.

So what’s a typical day like in the Maloof-Nassif household? Busy, busy, busy! It starts at 5:30 a.m. – “I get the boys ready for school, drop them off and then come home and either find time for a workout or start my business calls.” 

When her boys are at school, she doesn’t waste a minute. That’s when she does a bulk of her charity work as well.  But when school’s out for the day, it’s all about family time. “After a hectic workday, my boys come home and we all play together. Then, it’s homework time, dinner, a bedtime story and sleepy time for everyone.”

Her favorite family activity is watching movies in bed with the boys. “Luckily Paul and I have an oversized bed so we can all fit comfortably. Jackpot, our morkie, also joins our movie time.”

Parenting Advice

Adrienne may be a savvy, with-it mom, but it wasn’t always that way. If she could have received one piece of advice before she had kids, it would have been this: “[Motherhood] is the hardest job in the world and you will make mistakes, but that’s part of the learning process. There is no perfect mother, you just have to try your best and give your children the love and attention they deserve.” Beautifully put, Adrienne. We whole-heartedly agree.

As the mother of twins, Adrienne faces some extra parenting challenges. “They both want what the other twin has!” she says. “For example, if Colin has a piece of gum, Christian will want a piece. Everything has to be equal or someone’s feelings get hurt.” But despite the bickering, she knows that being a twin is a special thing. “Being twins is a huge part of their personality and they both look up to each other and share a special bond that only they understand.”

However, that bond can sometimes make it difficult for mom. “I am convinced they have recently created their own language and they aren’t letting me in on it,” she says with a smile.

Adrienne also encounters an everyday problem that many moms deal with – picky-eater syndrome! All three of her boys are picky eaters. “You have to pick your battles,” she says when we asked how she copes. “I can’t force my boys to love spinach so I offer them a healthy alternative.” We knew she was smart! “As long as they are eating a nutritious and balanced diet, I am a happy mama,” she adds wisely.

She isn’t a strict all-greens, all-day mom though. “It’s also important to treat kids every once in a while with a happy meal or junk food,” Adrienne says. “But I try to not make it a habit.”

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Just for fun, we asked Adrienne to share five things she couldn’t live without.  Her family, of course, tops the list. But the next four really gave us a glimpse into her life. They are:  Showering twice a day, lipgloss, her cell phone and shoes.

And speaking of shoes, we asked Adrienne how many pairs she thinks she’s got in her closet. “If I had to guess, anywhere between 300-400, but that number fluctuates because I donate shoes to fans and other charities.” Adrienne is now taking her love of shoes to the next level. “I’m making room for my shoe line that will be ready in December. For someone who loves shoes as much as I do designing my own collection has been a dream come true.”

Check out some of her designs:

(While the line won’t be ready until December, you can pre-order the shoes here!)

We couldn’t be more impressed by Adrienne’s business skills, straight priorities and, well, shoe collection. We’ll definitely be tuning in to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this season to see what this spectacular housewife does next! 



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