Ali Landry On Family, Fashion & How To Fight Stretch Marks!


Ali Landry has a lot going for her. The former Miss USA is a model and actress, best known as the super-hot Doritos Girl in some especially memorable Super Bowl commercials and for her role on the UPN sitcom “Eve.” She’s also married to a handsome film director, with an adorable four-year-old and a baby on the way.

But spend a few minutes talking to her, and you’ll immediately forget that she’s famous, beautiful and talented. With a warm, friendly voice and the slightest hint of a Southern accent, she sounds just like an old friend – you know, the one who showed you how to put on lipstick in high school and still gives you the best fashion tips. And sure enough, Landry was full of good advice. During the interview, she opened up about family, motherhood and how to survive pregnancy without stretch marks!

Be Smart About Skincare

The 38-year-old is expecting her second child in October and like any mom-to-be, she’s fearful of the dreaded stretch marks. 

That’s why she teamed up with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, baring her baby bump as the new spokesmodel to spread the word about the importance of keeping skin soft and supple during pregnancy. 

“When I tried this product, seriously, I’ve never been so moisturized in my entire life,” she said. “I don’t know why people aren’t shouting about this from the tree tops because I’m layering this lotion all over.”

So what is her daily skincare routine?

“Well, I use the Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion from head to toe because it’s lightweight, non-greasy and  just the perfect every-day lotion.  Along with that, I’ll use the Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream in those specific areas where you’re a little more stretch mark prone. Then at night,  I’ll use the Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter, which is like a super-duper intensive moisturizing cream.”

And she’s not the only famous mommy who swears by Palmer’s products: Samantha Harris, Laila Ali and Angie Everhart have previously posed pregnant to promote the brand.

Maternity Fashion Tips

Beyond skincare, Landry also has great pointers for pregnant moms who want to stay stylish. She talked about her own fashion learning curve,

“The first pregnancy, I was just clueless. I didn’t know what in the world was going on with my body. I didn’t know what to put on it, how to drape it. But this time around, I wised up to maternity fashion and figured out how to make things that were non-maternity cute, so this pregnancy has actually been really fun.”

Here are some of her tips:

  • Long dresses. “Maxi dresses are always really great. They’re such a go-to staple item, and you can buy them non-maternity and they look amazing.”


  • Invest in a good pair of jeans. “Get a few really nice pairs of maternity jeans because, don’t try to keep fitting yourself in your regular jeans. They’re just not cut right for a growing belly and you’ll be really uncomfortable.”


  • Mix & match. “I can still buy non-maternity tops, so I mix and match them with my maternity stuff. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that it all depends on the cut of the garment – you can look like you’re not pregnant at all or you can look like you’re about to pop, it’s all up to you.” 


Landry said she made a real effort this time around to look cute and somewhat pulled together. I asked her how she managed that, especially with an active four-year-old occupying her time and energy.

“It’s an art form,” she laughed. “I truly have to say it really is an art form – dressing while you’re pregnant.”

Parenting Advice

Speaking of Landry’s four-year-old, I asked how her daughter Estele feels about being a big sister. “She says she’s very excited, that she’s going to be the little helper and she talks to the baby,” Landry said.

She also mentioned that her husband of five years, director Alejandro Monteverde, is on location for a film and will be there until a month after the baby comes. “[Estele] knows that it’s kind of her and I in it together,” Landry said. “I’ve been telling her, ‘the baby’s going to cry a lot and Mommy is going to need your help,’ so I think she’s started to feel a sense of responsibility and she likes that; she’s very proud of that.”

I asked Landry what advice she would give to new parents, and she shared something that helped her after the birth of her first child, when she was breastfeeding but also worried about getting back into her old routine.

“Someone told me, your only responsibility after having that baby is to sit yourself down in that chair, and just nurse that baby and take care of that baby and take care of yourself. Don’t worry about going back to the gym, that’s going to come. Don’t worry about answering e-mails – everybody understands. You need to give yourself a break, and know that you’re not superwoman. And really just enjoy that time with your baby.”

So is it all worth it? The weight gain, the exhaustion, the potential stretch marks and everything else that comes with pregnancy?

“Before you have kids, I don’t think you really realize how incredible it is,” she said with a smile. “With all the other things that come along with it – the sleepless nights, the running around, and the craziness, and the hectic schedules – at the end of the day, I feel like the joy you experience at the depths of your soul is just priceless.”




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