Get Active: Raising Kids that Love to Move!


Raising active kids is a lifestyle, not a routine.

As I work with my clients on a daily basis, many of the parents are concerned not only with their own health but the health of their children as well. I am reminded how VERY important it is to lead by example for your children.

My mother ingrained in me at a  young age how important it was to stay active just by having me enrolled in activities and by being active as a family.

Below are my tips for raising kids that love to move:

1. Enroll them in a variety of activities.  

Don’t be frustrated if your child doesn’t show signs of being an Olympic gymnast, just find something that makes them happy while being active at the same time.

This also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you belong to a YMCA, they usually offer low cost or included in your membership classes like karate, ballet, and belly-dancing. This is a great way to try different classes without hurting your bank account if your child changes their mind.

2. Sample different studios. 

Do free trial classes at different studios around town.

3. Set aside “active time.”

Plan an activity day/time every week that you will do something active with your kids (walk around the neighborhood, take them to a park, help them learn to ride their bike, or practice pull-ups on the swing set in your own back yard  – and don’t be discouraged if they can do more than you ;)

4. Look around your community

Check in your local paper for family health activities happening in your area. You’ll be amazed at all of the things going on in your city that you haven’t explored.

Most importantly set aside time to really ENJOY your kids, keep them healthy and happy!

Lana is a fitness expert and mother of three who starred on “Real Simple. Real Life” on TLC. She loves being able to share her knowledge with women who want to make fitness a fun part of their lives.



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