Get Healthy! Inside and Out

Like everyone, I love a good tan, but I am also very aware of and concerned about risks like sun damage. Thank goodness, there are so many great self- tanners on the market that you really do not have to spend time in the sun to get great color.

When looking for a self-tanner, my advice is to purchase a product that goes on with color, so you can see if you have missed any spots.

I recommend using an exfoliating product in the shower before you apply the self-tanner. You can buy a salt or sugar scrub at any department store, drugstore or even health-food store. They make some with great fragrances. (To save money, mix your own with equal amounts of sea salt and baby oil. It works wonders!)

I also use a bristle brush on my skin for increased circulation. This is especially helpful if you sit at a desk all day. You will need something to create extra circulation in your hips, thighs and bottom. Make sure you brush your skin in upward motions going toward your heart and keep the brush dry. I like to do this before I get in the shower and exfoliate. Do this and your skin will feel baby soft. After exfoliating, you are ready for the self-tanner and are just minutes away from a deep, dark tan.

I use a self-tanner twice a week, and to avoid dry skin I always remember to moisturize my body every evening with a creamy lotion, rich in emollients, like avocado, vitamin E and cocoa butter.

Now, let us talk about your hands and feet. Whether you do them at home or go to a salon, manicures and pedicures are a must! That does not mean just changing the polish. That means smooth cuticles, nails trimmed and filed and your feet always looking sandal-ready.

As I said before, men love soft, sexy feet. I make sure that I put lotion on my hands and feet every night. In fact, I apply hand lotion every time I wash my hands. Keep a small tube in your purse. This will help keep your hands looking young. Getting your nails and toes done is also a great way to pamper yourself! Indulge and splurge a little!

If you are blessed with perfect teeth, then you should do everything possible to keep your smile beautiful. I make sure that I get my teeth cleaned every six months and I floss daily. There are so many teeth-whitening products on the market today, in all price ranges, that there really is no excuse for your smile not to be bright. A beautiful smile, is something people will always remember about you.

Remember that looking and feeling your best, is a combination that comes from feeling good BOTH on the inside AND taking the steps that will keep your physical body healthy and fit. If you do these things then you will also feel good about yourself on the outside. 



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