Ohio Measles Outbreak Climbs to 155


A measles outbreak in Ohio has grown to 155, more than doubling from the 68 reported on May 13, according to the Ohio Department of Health.  The outbreak began when unvaccinated Amish missionaries traveled to the Philippines earlier this year.  All of the cases have occurred solely in the Amish community.  

Measles can take up to 3 weeks to develop.  It’s a highly contagious respiratory virus causing fever, rash, reduced appetite, and a runny nose.  It’s most dangerous for those with weakened immune systems, the very young, and the elderly.  Measles is easily preventable with vaccinations.  

According to the CDC, this is the 15th measles outbreak in the United States this year.  In the US, 334 cases have been confirmed since January 1.  The Philippines is currently experiencing a measles outbreak with more than 20,000 cases confirmed.  

CNN reports that in 2000, measles was considered eradicated in the US.  Many people believe the rise of measles in recent years is due to parents refusing to vaccinate their children.  Have your kids had the measles vaccine?  Why did you decide to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?



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