Beautiful Life Lessons From My Mother


If I could have one wish, it would be to sit across from my mother over one of her delicious cups of coffee and talk to her about her “beauty tips and tricks.” But instead, I made my own coffee and sipped away and found myself traveling down memory lane…

As I began my descent into past memories, the first thing that came to mind were words that best described my mother Carol. Elegant, Effortless, Calm, Serene, Loving and Caring. Between sips of my coffee, I began to think, smile and tear up remembering how my mother started her day.

It was somewhat like a ritual. Being an early riser, she would put her pot of coffee on, then start to run her bath water. She added some Calgone bath bubbles to the water. She would relax in the tub for a while. She was big on moisturizing her entire body. Always trying new lotions. She would then take her cup of coffee into the bathroom and begin applying her makeup just like a pro! Simple and elegant, but with emphasis on her dark “Sophia” like eyes. She taught me the importance of eyeliner and how to apply it just right. Also, I was taught the art of curling lashes.

Another part of her ritual was the way she put outfits together. Always stylish and accessorized to a T. She knew what assets to emphasize. Never too revealing, but always sexy and feminine at the same time.

As I continued down memory lane, I kept hearing her voice and things she said to me over the years, before she passed away in early 2005. I realized she taught me so much more than applying eyeliner and the art of accessorizing!

The beauty lessons my mother taught me were lessons that built character, inner beauty, confidence and compassion. Here are a few of them:

  • Beauty comes from within.


  • Laughter is the best medicine.


  • A good attitude will get you through a lot.


  • Enjoy being a brunette.


  • You can do it!! (whatever it was that I was doing at the time.)


  • Help out when you can.


  • Give. Don’t expect anything in return.


  • Always look nice.


  • Remember who you are and where you come from.


  • Relax, sit still and listen to your heart.


  • And most importantly – “Just always be yourself.”


Now I’m giggling. It is funny. I find myself doing a morning routine very similar to the one my mother did. But what I do know is that I took those words she taught me to heart and try to apply them everyday. Thank you, Mom for teaching me a very important life/beauty lesson and for allowing me to be me!

To all the Mothers – Happy Mothers Day! Continue teaching and loving…



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