Ask An Expert: Skin Care Tips From Ramona Cline


As the founder and owner of Ramona Cline Skincare, it’s safe to say that this lovely lady has the skinny on great skin!

Known in Los Angeles as “the skin care guru”, Cline treats some high-profile clients, including tons of celebs (like our very own Brooke Burke).

She’s also developed her own line of specially formulated products and skin care treatments, based on her vision and philosophy that an efficient daily skin care regimen could be effective without being time consuming and cost prohibitive.

So we jumped at the chance to pick her brain, and ask her a few questions (submitted by ModernMom readers via Facebook). Read her answers below:

What is your best tip or trick for maintaining great skin?

It’s a simple answer: Wash twice daily, use proper skin care for your skin, keep your hands off your face… and drink water.

What’s the best way to exfoliate? And how often should we do it?

I prefer using my hands with a physical exfoliate, three to four days a week is fine. Listen to your skin.

What is the best level of SPF to use when outside in the sun?

Always use SPF 30, the trick is RE-APPLY every hour when your are in the direct sun. Sunscreen is only good for an hour at most! 

What is the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

That’s a tricky one. First, look at the cause. It could be genetic, or could be caused by an internal issue (in which case, you should consult your physician). You could use a mild lighting cream. It will help but not get rid of the problem entirely. Also, having a professional inject some filler works too.

What can I use to keep the oil slick off my face?

Check what you’re putting on your face. Sometimes you’re using something that is stripping your skin and your oil glands will start to over-produce. Here’s a kind-of strange (but totally true) tip – toilet seat covers make great face blotters.

How do I deal with acne at age 40?!

It could be your hormones changing (in which case, again you should see your doctor) or it could be something as simple as including an anti-bacterial cleanser a few times a week. The best thing to do is to follow a healthy skincare routine regularly, and see if the problem clears up.

I always get that one annoying zit during my period ..what can I do to prevent it?

Hormones are hard to prevent, but in a real pinch – a clay mask on the pimple usually work fairly quickly.

What is the ideal skincare routine before going to bed for the evening?

Wash your face for 30 seconds, and put your serums on with a moisturizer (if you use one). I’d recommend an eye serum or cream. And most importantly, make sure you have a clean pillowcase!

Is toner really that bad for you?

It’s not bad…but some can be a bit drying and cause you to produce more oil.

How do I find a cleanser that will deep clean without drying my skin out?

Use your regular cleanser most days, then use a stronger cleanser a few days a week as well. The variation will give you the deep clean feeling without wicking away all the moisture.

I have discoloration from pregnancy (melasma) – any suggestions?

Melasma is tough…again caused from hormones. Vitamin C 20%, is the best, it will help repair the tissue, and calm the melasma. Talk to your skin care professional or your Doctor about prescription blends of bleach. They are helpful but you need to be under the supervision of a physician. And the number one way to prevent the problem from getting worse – SUNSCREEN!



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