Sherri Shepherd on Comedy, Parenting and the Clorox Lounge


Sherri Shepherd is one busy lady. Not only is she a recurring guest star on “30 Rock” and a Dancing with the Stars alum, she’s also a Daytime Emmy Award Winning host of The View.

And now she’s teamed up with Clorox as the host of The Clorox Lounge, a destination site full of hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting giveaways and more.   And to kickoff the launch of this community hub, The Clorox Lounge presents the “Last Comic Sitting” competition – where mom and dad comedians face off for the chance to sit on the throne (and $10,000).

We got a chance to chat with this funny lady on Friday at the live finale of the competition:

On 30 Rock, you play Angie Jordan – the hot-tempered, no nonsense wife of Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan). What’s Tracy like in real life?

“Tracy Morgan is awesome. The first time I was to play his wife, I had to rip my clothes off – and I never play a wife, I play a best friend or a judge or a secretary – and so I was so nervous because I’d never met Tracy. I thought, oh my gosh – maybe he wanted like a Beyonce or something, what is he going to say when he sees me? And the first thing he said when he saw me in my corset; he goes, ‘You a big girl, we gonna have fun.’ And I was like, thank you so much, because Tracy made big girl sound so sexy. ”

Do you share any similarities with the Angie character?

“Angie’s very bossy, and I’m not, so it’s so much fun to play her. With The Queen of Jordan, I had to throw a drink in Tina Fey’s face – and that’s something Angie is always doing, getting into physical fights with Tina. That’s the hardest thing for me to do – pull Tina’s hair, push her, struggle – because I’m like, you’re my boss, I can’t do that!”

Do you and Tina Fey ever swap parenting stories?

“All the time! She stole having a baby first – I was like, I thought we were supposed to get pregnant together! But we always talk about our kids, they’re the same age. ”

How do you balance work and motherhood?

“You know, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said to me once, you’re going to have a lot of spinning plates – make sure your son is not one of them. That’s how I decide if I’m going to do something – if it takes away from Jeffrey, I say no. So I said no to “Dancing with the Stars” for many years, for many seasons because I was single mom and I didn’t have anyone to help me. As much as I wanted to, I thought it was going to be a dream that I would never see completed or even happen.

Jeffrey is number one. The View is such a great schedule for a mother because when I get off work, I go to his school and I’m still able to do PTA stuff and bring my cookies and read to them. He’s number one and that’s the priority – being a wife, a mother… and then everything else is behind that.”

Want more? You can catch Sherri Shepherd on Thursday night’s episode of 30 Rock  – “Queen of Jordan II: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper” or visit The Clorox Lounge for more funny stories and anecdotes that are sure to tickle your funny bone.



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