Olympic Gold Medalist Peggy Fleming Shares Her Cold & Flu Tips


Peggy Fleming is one inspiring lady. Not only is she a three-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist in the sport of figure skating, she’s also a busy mom and grandmother.  

And since she’s spent so much time on the ice, Peggy has dealt with her fair share of colds. She’s recently partnered with Robitussin for their Simple Acts of Relief campaign, which is 100 days long and is designed to help cold sufferers get back their health. 

The ice skating superstar and cold advocate took some time to share how she keeps herself healthy and active – and she even let us in on some parenting tips! Check out the interview below: 

Why did you partner with Robitussin?

I have teamed up with Robitussin to help spread the word about the Simple Acts of Relief program.  To help kick things off Robitussin is providing a special offer to people whose name is or sounds like one of the cold symptoms that they treat – like Fleming, which sounds like phlegm – get it?  As part of the program Robitussin is also giving away 100,000 simple acts of relief over the next 100 toughest days of the cold and flu season, including a grand prize of $100,000! You can register for both online by visiting www.SimpleActsofRelief.com.

How do you stay healthy during cold & flu season?

I wash my hands a lot and I’m really conscious of that.  I take my vitamins and when I do feel like a cold is coming on, I usually take medication to catch it before it gets bad.  Just like anything with your health, if you catch it early you don’t have such a drastic treatment plan.

As an ice skater, you needed to be in peak physical condition despite hectic training/travel schedules. How can busy women keep healthy year round?

You have to take time for yourself.  If you don’t , you won’t have the energy or inspiration to do everything you want to do.  You also have to make time to eat right and exercise regularly, which gives you more energy!

For moms, it can be tough to deal with a cranky child with a cold – do you have any tips from your own personal parenting experience for soothing a fussy kid? 

Put some soothing music on and maybe read to them.  Calm them down and hold them – that’s what they want.  You want them to be comforted.

Ice skating is a pressure-filled sport. How did you manage to stay focused – especially during intense competitions?

I don’t know how I did it because I was so shy!  I would get sick to my stomach,  but I wanted to compete.  I guess it is a competitive spirit that made me show up.  I didn’t want my fear to hold me back. I pushed myself to get over it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give parents who have children in competitive sports?

Be active with your child’s practices.  Go there and make sure the relationship between your child and their coach is a healthy one.  Also, remember that they are trying their best.  You should also remind them if they commit to a sport they should finish it – they can’t just quit, their team is counting on them!

How did your childhood affect the way you raised your own kids?

Being involved with sports shows kids the importance of making commitments and doing their best.  That is all you can expect out of your kids and that is all you can ever ask of them.  As a parent you are their first role model, so do it right!

Do you still occasionally strap on the ice skates?

I will always skate with my grandkids and my family.

For more information about Simple Acts of Relief, visit the Robitussin® website here.



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