The Ultimate Brownie Recipe


WARNING…  You’re gonna be tempted to bake after reading this! 

While trying to figure out a fun and unique snack for my son’s upcoming birthday party, I accidentally invented the ultimate brownie, soon to be known as the FK Brownie (thanks Betsy! patent pending ^_^).  

Since Brennen loves brownies and Oreos (separately), and I like the idea that cupcakes are easier to pass out at a children’s party, I was motivated to find a balance and bring Brennen’s must-haves in one package of yummy. That’s the genesis behind my soon-to-be viral creation.  As I was pondering the “how,” I realized that Oreos fit perfectly into the cupcake cups and if I incorporated additional layers of savoriness to it, it will make it ever more appealing. 

I also love peanut butter (and the SNL taco town skit), so I glued two Oreos with peanut butter then applied an extra level of PB on top just to get the point across. 

After thinking brownies couldn’t get any more kick a#% than this, I added a layer of cookie dough (thanks, Jason).  And from there my FK Brownies were born.  The end result is gooey layers of FK heavenly deliciousness. 

Don’t just take my word for it… Try it for yourself, follow the instructions below and let your senses go cray cray!!! Here’s the recipe:

FK Brownies

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees


  • Layer chocolate chip cookie dough at the bottom of the cupcake paper


  • Stack Oreo, followed by peanut butter, followed by another Oreo and more PB


  • Pour brownie batter over the top


  • Bake for 20 mins (don’t want to over cook since the middle is Oreo and PB)




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