Royal Parenting: 3 Expert Tips for Baby Cambridge’s First 6 Months


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has welcomed a baby boy- but what will it really be like juggling motherhood and her duties as such a public figure?

Imagine you’ve just given birth to your first child. You’re exhausted and euphoric and waiting outside of the hospital is a reporter from every newspaper around the world; every news TV show around the world; almost every person waiting to hear whether you had a boy or a girl; and then on top of that, they are all waiting for a chance to see you!

So, how do you create a balance of normalcy and calm that a new baby needs in their life? This is the challenge that the new royal parents face. Is it even possible to create a sense of normal life for the little prince?

Of course it is. Most first-time parents have challenges to work through when their newborn arrives. Figuring out how to tend to all the needs of their first child can feel a little overwhelming; learning how to feed your baby; how to swaddle your baby; how to encourage your baby to sleep at night; or just the little things of putting a diaper on properly. Let’s face it, if you’ve never put a diaper on a baby before that can be a little difficult. Add to the mix being exhausted after giving birth, and then having to feed your baby at least every three hours, day and night, you are going to be a little sleep deprived.

But it’s all worth it! The joy your baby will bring to you will soon help you forget this stage. Not to mention getting your baby onto a good eating and sleeping routine quickly, as I suggest in my book “Cherish the First Six Weeks,” you will be mastering the art of new parent hood in no time.

The royal couple, Prince William and the Duchess, will go through all the same little trials and tribulations as any new parent. They will need to learn to meet the needs of their new son, while Kate will be going through hormonal changes and emotional swings, as her body changes back to normal! Plus they have the added pressure of the eyes of the world watching them. Everyone wanting to know how Kate is coping; how the baby is sleeping; has she lost her baby weight; is she a good mother; is she breastfeeding; some of the intimate questions only our close family and personal friends get to find out. With their lives being so public, how do they find balance? How do they give their little prince as normal a start in life as possible, before he too, has to learn to take on the role of a royal?

1. Take some private time together.

Once the world has seen the new baby, Kate and William should take some time to be alone with their son. They should enjoy every moment of new parenthood that they can, just as any of us would take maternity/paternity leave.  Keeping their little prince out of the public eye in the early few months of his life will help give him a little time to adapt and adjust to his new world.

2. Create a routine.

One of the best ways for the royal couple to find balance is to quickly get the baby on a good routine. When you have a consistent schedule, then you comfortably know when the next feeding will be, when your baby will be sleeping and therefore when you can either have time for yourselves, or time to fulfill the duties bestowed upon you as a member of the royal family. Making a routine, and ensuring that different activities take place at specific times in the day – like the morning feed, or bath time in the evenings – will not only give Kate something to look forward to, but will also give the new little prince security and stability.

3. Stay calm.

A mother who is such a public figure can sometimes struggle with the needs of every day life, like visiting the pediatrician and being followed by the paparazzi. Keeping as low a profile as possible and taking the back entrance whenever possible, so the press won’t always photograph the little prince, can make a huge difference. Keeping him covered while he is in his car seat or stroller, so that he isn’t always aware of the comings and goings around him, will help a little also. Most importantly, the new parents should remain as calm as possible around the press, this way the little prince won’t be startled or anxious when in public surroundings. A calm parent creates a calm child, no matter the situations that you are confronted with.

As the young prince grows a mom, like Kate, has to acknowledge that at times it won’t be the quantity of time she may have with her little prince, but must ensure the time she does have with him is quality time as this will make all the difference in the world to both of them.  After all there are many, many, working moms in the world that deal with this balancing act, and many do it very successfully.  Being a member of the royal family is just a very public job after all!

I wish them all the very best delights and joys that their new son will bring them.



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